July 21, 2022

Give me a break!

Once again, I’m having issues with blogging. Last time, I couldn’t upload pictures to Blogger; today, I can’t even get my internet pages to load! Something is either wrong with our internet (not likely, because I’m using my phone via wifi). So right now, I’m typing this on my phone. And you know how fast I type on my phone? Well, with one index finger—so the answer is slow AF. 

Since I really don’t want to work on this all day (typing out the readers’ tips from this week about saving time). Hahaha, how ironic! My time saving tip: You can save time by typing on a keyboard instead of a tiny phone. Well, I can anyway ;)

So, I can’t really write today, but I didn’t want to miss posting. So, here are a few of the random facts that I’ve missed posting for the last month! (I hope these upload at a normal size—I can’t resize them on my phone.)


Those were the ones I found most interesting. The one about talking to yourself is especially interesting because I never really thought about it, but I do that. Even as I’m typing, I can feel tiny muscles moving at the top of my throat and back of my mouth. 

Anyway, forgive the post—hopefully I can get all this stuff figured out! My computer is 8 years old, and for a blogger, that’s about 5 years too old, haha. I’ve been setting aside money every month for a new one, though! Maybe by Christmas :) 

Have a good night!

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  1. Sorry you're in tech hell. Hope tomorrow is better. Thanks for the tips though. I've been so angry lately. Time to start brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand for a while.


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