July 18, 2022

Do You Know Your Partner? (A Fun Date Idea)

 Jerry and I have always loved the fill-in-the-blank books for couples. Generally, you either answer questions together or you each have separate books to fill out and then you compare answers and it's a great conversation starter. Also, it's very funny to read the answers!

When we were at Barnes & Noble for Noah's birthday, I found a book called "Do You Know Your Wife?". It asks questions about your husband/partner and you fill in the blanks. Then you have him score it, and then we went over out answers. We found the "Do You Know Your Husband?" book on Amazon for cheap, so we decided to get them both and make it a date to chill out and fill out our books together.

Book for women to fill out; and book for men to fill out.

The questions were fun! There were several things that I thought I would I would know instantly; we know pretty much everything there is to know about each other. But questions like, does he put on his shoes by putting on both socks first and then shoes, or put on a sock-shoe-sock-shoe?

Here are some example pages. Jerry marked his answer with an X and I marked mine with a checkmark--because we have to make everything more confusing than it needs to be, of course (eyeroll)

This is a page that I filled out (with the black). I got #97 wrong.

Another one of my pages that I wrote about him

I lost half a point on this because I didn't know the dog's name. And for some reason, I didn't picture him reading comics in the paper. We don't get the paper, so maybe that's why!

This is one that Jerry filled out. The top one probably should have been wrong. I'd totally try to fix it first, but get frustrated and then have Jerry help me when he wakes up.

Jerry answered this about me. He thought I would only donate a kidney to him, but I'd donate to pretty much anyone. Also, I used to love grapes but I've been into pears lately.

I'm not a flower person at ALL. Is there such a thing as an orange daisy? Daisies aren't my favorite, but I don't know the names of flowers except roses, daisies, carnations... and that's probably it! Haha. 

Jerry guessed all of these right except that I don't know how to jumpstart a car. My dad showed me, but I don't feel confident enough to do it. I can't remember if you plug the red or black in first. So, I kind of know but I'm not the first person you should ask.

BAHAHA, I didn't even know I had a school song in high school.

This one made me laugh because we are opposites on the one about underpaying. If I saw a mistake, I would totally point it out. Jerry probably wouldn't. So I filled in the ____ Ask Katie. And of course, he checked that box! Hahaha.

After we finished filling them out, we "graded" each others and we laughed at comments or questions that we got wrong. It was so much fun! Definitely different from the usual watching TV before bed. There are 100 questions each, so it takes a little time to fill them out.

Here is a link for the books, if anyone is interested (these are Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you buy through this link, I may get a small commission for it). They're super cheap...

Do You Know Your Husband? by Dan Carlinsky  $5.95
Do You Know Your Wife? by Dan Carlinsky  $3.90

There is a point system in the book to see how well you know each other, but we didn't go through to check out the points. We just have fun filling them out and chatting about our answers.

I wish we'd saved all of our fill-in-the-blank books throughout the years--it would be super cringy to read though them! Haha.

Doing this book kind of made me want to pay more attention to the little things. Sure, I could tell you how fast he drives, what his favorite pet is, or that he enjoys doing housework, but I can tell you his shoe size or his favorite TV show or even his favorite place he's ever visited. I'm going to really start paying attention and asking more questions. Maybe we need to find a list of off-the-wall questions to ask each other!


  1. How fun! I'm curious as to why the "Do You Know Your Wife" book is cheaper than the Husband one. Hmmmmm....Lol!

  2. You two have so much fun! I love this. I've also missed your post because I changed email programs and it thought follow.it was spam. SMH! Think I fixed it. I did miss your posts, but just thought you might have taken a break. So happy to have them in my inbox again.


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