May 04, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 49

When I bought this shirt, it was WAY too tight and I couldn't even put it on. It's a very heavy fabric (great for cold weather running) and it stretches, but not much. It was so small that I hadn't even attempted to try it on ever since, but I held onto it.

I was trying to find a shirt that I haven't yet worn for my Wednesday Weigh-In picture and then I noticed this shirt. I tried it on, expecting it to be too small. But it was actually pretty loose! (Not on my arms. Nothing is ever loose on my arms.) I was excited to see that it fits; even though I know I'm making progress, it's fun to see it in my clothing.

I was happy with last week's weigh-in (148.8). The lowest number I've seen on the scale since I started losing the extra weight last May was 147.8 (and that was a couple of months ago, I think). I've gotten so used to seeing 148-152 ish for MONTHS and I didn't get my hopes up this week. However, I saw a new low number today:

At 147.4, I was down 1.4 from last week. I'm so glad to see the scale trending downward again. If the past few months were a plateau, it was the first true plateau I've ever experienced while losing weight. It was frustrating; I was doing everything "right" for the most part, so I had no idea why the scale wasn't budging. My "naked weight" today was 147.0, which marks an even 50 pounds down since I started losing weight last May--an average of a pound a week, which isn't bad.

I'm only 3.4 pounds away from having a "normal" BMI (I'm technically overweight right now). I know that the BMI scale is bullshit, considering it only takes height and weight into consideration (no body fat, muscle mass, bone structure, or anything like that), but it's still used in doctors' offices and for insurance purposes, so I'd like to be in the normal range for that.

I had my DietBet weigh-in this week. I weighed myself on Sunday and was at 147.0 (without clothes and without holding my phone). To hit the DietBet goal, I had to be at 148.7 or lower. Once I put on my light clothing and picked up my phone for the picture, I was at 148.2--a half pound lower than the goal. So, I submitted the weigh-in photos at 6:00 or so in the morning.

I ate breakfast and drank a bunch of water. Then I got an email saying my weigh-in was rejected! The reason? The cord from my scale was too close to the scale itself. This picture is terrible quality because I had to get it from a thumbnail photo in the email, but this is what they were talking about:

They said it looks like the scale is resting on the cord. It wasn't; there is a little lip that hangs over the edge, so it was up against the scale but not under it.

Anyway, they said I had to weigh-in again. After the breakfast and water I'd had, I was over the goal. I thought about going for a run but I had just showered; so I took Joey for a long walk, hoping to lose a bit of water weight in order to weigh in again. (Fun fact: Did you know that when you lose fat, it's expelled through carbon dioxide from exhaling? Also water--from pee, sweat, and exhaled air. I just found it interesting that it's expelled when exhaling.)

When I got home, I was able to hit the goal when I wasn't holding my phone; but to take the picture with my phone, I had to lose another 0.4. I was super annoyed with DietBet at that point. I put on the light clothes I could find in my closet and tried again. I need to lose 0.2 more. I walked around some more and finally... FINALLY I was able to hold my phone and weigh in under the goal. I was at 148.6--just 0.1 away! Definitely cutting it close, but I'd been half a pound under goal just a few hours prior.

I submitted the photos and it said they'd get back to me within 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours! I really hoped there wouldn't be a problem with my second weigh-in because I wasn't about to wait around that long before eating or drinking anything. I wanted to eat lunch at noon, but I waited a little longer and the weigh-in was accepted at around 1:00 PM. I can't wait for this DietBet to be over! I'm not doing another one, that's for sure.

I'm very happy with how this week went, and I hope to have another good weigh-in next week!

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