May 13, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Happy Friday the 13th! I was SO looking forward to today because there aren't any baseball games on Fridays. Don't get me wrong--I love watching Eli play!--but it's so hard to plan dinner (or anything else really) on baseball days. Eli's games are at 4:30 but he has to stay after school until the game starts. Jerry leaves for work at around 5:00, so we'd either have to eat at around 3:30 or after the game (and Jerry can take leftovers the following day).

With this week being kind of chaotic and not very exciting, I don't have many pictures. But I'll post what I have.

Anyway, I think I wrote this yesterday, but I don't have COVID. I took four tests over four days and all were negative. My symptoms were a bit different, too--especially the fact that I was sneezing a LOT (not a COVID symptom). I'm pretty sure it was a sinusitis--the sinus symptoms showed up yesterday. I feel good now, though! (I've never had allergies, so I highly doubt it was that.)

I felt so good today, in fact, that I managed to go outside and finish digging out all the weeds and stuff from the landscaping area. If you remember, a few weeks ago I dug out a lot of it and I was so proud! Jerry moved the landscaping bricks (I think we're going to build a new fire pit with them) so I finished digging out the area that was covered by the bricks. Next, I have to till the soil and level it out (well, after putting a weed killer on it).

I don't have cat photos this week (shocking, I know!) except for this one. Phoebe was on my lap and Duck got jealous, He decided to very carefully climb onto my lap (closer to me than Phoebe was). Phoebe growls and swipes at any of the other cats near her, so I was waiting for it. But they stayed calm the whole time. Duck was totally on edge, though and couldn't relax ;)

This Wordle drove me CRAZY the other day. First, I screwed up my third guess by putting the E in the same spot. And I screwed up my fourth guess because I didn't include the C, but I was at a loss for what word to try. After that, I had NO IDEA what the word could possibly be. I knew it had the letters COKE in it, but nothing else. I couldn't even come up with a single word to use for my fourth guess! I finally got it right in the eleventh hour: GECKO.

Sometimes (well, a lot of the time) I find selfies of Jerry on my phone. He likes to do that when I leave my phone lying around (which is pretty much always). 

I was looking for ideas to alter sweatshirts that are too big, and somehow I came across this pink hoodie. I was stunned and then I started cracking up. It wasn't even a joke--it was on a legit site where you could buy it! I showed Eli, and he totally wants one. Hahaha!

Eli's team WON yesterday! This is the first game they've won all season. I'm so glad that I was able to go (I took a COVID test right before leaving the house). Their team has improved so much. Eli made some amazing plays (he pitched for four innings and then caught for three innings). The final score was 8-5. I was super hyped up after that game! I just can't get over how good Eli has gotten over the last year. He was always really good, but he looked professional out there yesterday.

Eli's girlfriend, "M", surprised me by showing up on Mother's Day with flowers for me! I just took this picture today, so they are a bit wilty, but I found this one that still looks perfect. That was super nice of her to think of me. 

While I was working in the dirt today, I found several of these things. Doesn't anyone know what they are? Are they pests or are they important for gardening? I have no idea.

Today's random fact of the day. I love Bob Ross! Especially after watching the recent documentary about him. It was kind of heartbreaking to see, but I liked learning more about his life. He seemed so genuine!

I don't know why this popped into my head a couple of days ago, but it occurred to me that wow--this probably wasn't a very normal thing! Hahaha. I texted my younger brother to see if he remembered this, too. And he did! I asked Brian as well and he told me that he remember melting it down and pouring it into shapes. 

How funny is that?! I can still remember exactly what it looked like and felt like. My dad used to melt it down and make fishing sinkers out of it (and I'm pretty sure he still does). I asked my older brother, Brian, if he ever used to play with lead too, and he said he used to melt it down and pour it into molds, hahaha. I'm surprised we've all turned out pretty normal! ;)

The sunrise this morning was so pretty! I just had to take a picture, even though pictures of sunrises or sunsets NEVER look as good as the real thing.

Well, unfortunately, that's all I have for today. We had another gorgeous day today, and I'm glad I was able to spend some time outside--even though it was doing the chore I hate the most!

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. The Muscle Hoodie is just hilarious!!
    The worm/larvae/thing is a pest - it is a socalled cockchafer and becomes a beetle.
    Regarding COVID or not, we had the omicron B2 version here, and while I had the worst sore throat ever, runny nose and headache, and also eventually showed positive nose-tests (after 5 days though where I was sure it was just a regular cold), my daughter (who caught it from me) never got a positive nose-test but only positive PCR. She was mostly tired and sneezed a lot and had a runny nose and I would probably not have had her tested if I were not sick...

  2. The worm in your lawn is a grub. You need to go buy GrubEx and put it in that area, and probably on your whole lawn. They're very destructive and will kill your grass and eventually shrubs when they mature. We had lead in buckets in our basement when I was little, my dad used to make his own sinkers for fishing before they figured out it was horribly bad for fish and birds. There's nothing wrong with getting married early if you know that person is the one. I got married when I was 21, we did a ton of traveling, and still do 34 years later. I just didn't start having kids until I was 27.

  3. M is adorable! And that dress. No clue on the crawly thing. Also, wow to Bob Ross.

  4. M looks beautiful in her dress!! Purple is my all time favorite color! And I SO love that she honored her commitment to going to prom with her friends even though she has a boyfriend now! (I had friends in high school that I know would have ditched me in a heartbeat for a boyfriend lol). You had a busy week!

  5. I am loving all the prom and graduation pics this last few weeks. Crazy how fast it all goes and I'm trying to appreciate each and every special moment before my nest empties. I got engaged right before my 21st birthday and married the day after my 22nd. Blows my mind to think my son is turning 21 next weekend and hasn't even really ever had a gf. Pray his day will come eventually.


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