May 27, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Well, our "family night" was a bust yesterday. Eli ended up having a baseball game, but just before it started it was canceled due to rain. When we thought Eli was going to play baseball, Noah decided to go into work; so it didn't work out. It's so hard to get all four of us together these days!

Everybody is off on Monday, though, so we are hoping for good weather. Noah and Eli invited their girlfriends over and Jerry is going to cook burgers on the grill (I'm going to attempt a homemade vegan burger--if you know of a good tried-and-true recipe, please let me know!), and we'll probably play Cornhole or something like that.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of "fun" pictures this week, and several of my pictures are of the cats, but here is what I have from the camera roll...

I got tired of prepping my Almond Joy Cold Oats every morning (I weigh out each ingredient as I add it to the jar, which gets tedious when you have several ingredients), so I prepped a bunch of them and put them in the pantry. I don't know why I didn't do this before--it's so convenient! I just grab one in the morning, add almond milk, and put it in the fridge for lunchtime. (If you're wondering, the ingredients in the jar are oats, unsweetened cocoa powder, chia seeds, coconut, and mini chocolate chips.)

While I was trying to figure out a solution for my sewing stuff, I spontaneously made this little board in the garage for my thread. I drilled little holes (almost all the way through) and then put small pieces of a dowel into the holes with wood glue. It's perfect for my thread! I just need to buy another dowel--I just used a scrap one that I had lying around and it wasn't long enough to fill all of the holes (or hold all of my thread). I have no idea what I'm going to do with the board now, but hopefully I'll figure something out.

Yesterday, after our plans to grill out fell through, I decided to try out a recipe that had relatively few ingredients: Vegan Truffle Mac & Cheese. I had a feeling it wasn't going to turn out; I even warned the family that we mostly likely weren't going to like it! I'd never used truffle-infused olive oil before and when I opened it, the smell was a big turn-off.

I almost didn't even finish making it because the smell was gross. I was shocked, then, when I tasted it and it was VERY good. I hadn't even though I'd eat more than a bite or two, but I ended up eating a whole bowl. Jerry even liked it enough to take leftovers to work. Noah was working when I made it; Eli took a bite and said, "It's okay". He said it tastes good but the thought of "vegan ingredients" grosses him out. And I actually understand that; there are certain foods that I might like but if I think about them while eating them, I start to feel like I'm going to gag. (Salad, for example, is one of them.) Anyway, this pasta was good and I'll definitely make it again.

I was going through clothes to see what I could get rid of and I decided to experiment with a couple of pairs of jeans--by bleaching them. I wanted to see if I could lighten them (I'm so bummed I didn't take a picture of them before!). I read an article via Google search, and it said to use a 50/50 bleach/water mixture and let them soak for a few hours. HA! This is what happened...

They turned VERY light--basically white jeans. The 50/50 ratio was WAY too heavy on the bleach. I should have checked on them sooner, but I dropped them in the solution and went back about three hours later. It didn't occur to me to take the label off of the Express jeans before bleaching--that yellow spot will not come out. And the Silver brand jeans have what looks like dirt on the bottom, but I'm not sure what it's from. It wouldn't come out with the bleach. So, needless to say, this was a failed experiment ;)

I didn't give up, though! I was going to get rid of these jeans below; they get big in the waist very quickly (they feel comfy right when I put them on, but as they loosen up, the waist gets too big and I'm constantly tugging at it. Instead of getting rid of them, I tried again to lighten with bleach; and this time, I put them in the bathtub with enough water to cover and probably about four cups of bleach.

It took about six hours, and I wasn't even sure if it worked because jeans are so dark when wet, but they lightened up nicely! I love the color; I may alter the waist so that I can wear them comfortably. (And this time, I took off the label before bleaching; I may sew it back on, but probably not.)

The rest of these are pet-pictures. I saved them for last so that you can skip over them if the many pictures of the Friends clan at our house doesn't interest you ;)

This morning, I was reading my book and Duck came to lie on my lap. It was so cozy and he looked so sweet. Naturally, I stayed there until my bladder was about to burst. (This is a contemporary romance YA novel--so random!--but I was looking for a fun, quick read.)

Estelle is a major drama queen by pretending that the other pets hurt her in some way. She'll be standing next to them and when I walk into view, she gives a dramatic meow that sounds like she was just kicked across the room; then she falls over on the floor, probably hoping that I'll scold whatever pet she's trying to get into trouble.

Yesterday, I snuck up on her rubbing her face against Joey (and even licking his face) while he looked at me like, "Do I really have to put up with this?"  Right after this picture, she saw me and did her dramatic fall-and-cry so I'd think Joey hurt her, haha.

Duck was sleeping like this right before I took the picture. He just looked so comfortable in such an uncomfortable position with his legs dangling--it was cute!

I walked into my bedroom to find Chick in this reusable bag. I thought he was playing (he loves playing in bags!) but after I saw he wasn't moving, I peeked inside to find him sleeping. He was sleeping with his upper half inside of the bag, hahaha.

And finally, here is a photo of the ducklings my parents took in! My mom sent me the picture today and I was cracking up--she and my dad set up a kiddie pool for the ducklings. They already look bigger; ducks grow SUPER fast.

And that's all I've got. Have a great weekend! xo


  1. The ducks are do cute! And I would never have thought to bleach jeans. Very creative.

  2. Sallys baking addiction black bean burgers are really good! She has instruction on how to make them be vegan or vegetarian!


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