May 24, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #72

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I'd forgotten that I still had some transformations to share from last week, so this morning I was trying to figure out something I could transform today in order to have something to post. I was so glad when I remembered the extras! I didn't sleep much at all last night and I'm super tired today. I did clean the boys' bathroom, which was disgusting, but I wasn't about to share "before" pictures of that! Hahaha.

Thankfully, I have some readers' transformations to share... enjoy!

I organized this kitchen drawer at the end of April, right before your post about Spring cleaning and organizing. I took everything out, cleaned the drawer, measured and went to a few stores to find the right size drawer inserts.

When I got back from the stores it took about five minutes to put everything in its place. Every time I open the drawer I am startled at how organized it is!

Amy (Austin, Texas) 

Amy, I know the feeling! After I wrote that post and several people suggested I get rid of extra things--like extra sets of measuring cups, for example. After about 10 minutes, I couldn't believe how much better the drawer looked. Like you said, it's a nice surprise to open the drawer and see it look neat and organized!  -Katie

I wish I had a craft room but I use part of our dining room. Having to home school from the dining room table from January 2021 to March 2021 resulted in my craft area becoming a dumping ground. So when my son went back to school for three weeks before Easter I started tidying up because not being able to craft made me sad.

I made a huge purchase from IKEA of Kallax units so I finally had proper storage. Only when I started did I realise how dangerous my storage had been, like a game of Jenga. Feels so much calmer and I can find things. As a result I made seven advent calendars for friends and family consisting of 24 different felt Christmas decorations--the photo is just a few of them (patterns from Bugs and Fishes by Lupin as well as the Make Arcade).

- Kirstin, Lytham St Annes, England

Kirstin, you must be thrilled to have everything so neat and tidy! I think everybody has some sort of dumping ground for stuff (a drawer, closet, table, etc.). In my house, we probably have several places, haha. The advent calendars--I am stunned! Seven calendars with 24 felt decorations each? Your friends and family are lucky to get something so special. I'm glad you're able to craft again :)  -Katie

I've been waiting and waiting to send in something for Transformation Tuesdays. I've hated my main bathroom from the moment we moved into our house, over seven years ago. It was very "1990s chic".  But there were so many other pressing projects around the house that our bathroom kept getting pushed further down the list.

In November, my husband *tried* to take a shower and the shower valve broke off in his hand. It broke off from the pipe in the wall behind the tile. The only way to fix it was to rip out the tile and part of the wall. Since we hated our bathroom, we figured it would be a good time to remodel. Nothing in our house was built correctly, so we ripped the bathroom back to studs and started from scratch.

My husband used to work for a contractor so we did all of the labor ourselves. We did hire an electrician, plumber and drywall finisher. The plumber is coming this week to hook up the tub, vanity and toilet. The electrician is coming to hook up the in-floor heat system. We still have to tile the shower. But, I couldn't wait anymore to share just this one view of my "new" bathroom. 

The first is a picture of our previous vanity.  I wanted something different this time, so I found an antique oak buffet.  My husband converted it into our new vanity. It turned out just the way it looked in my head.  I love it. I will send more pictures, once the tub is hooked up (it's a 1935 claw foot), and once our shower is complete. 


Jenn, it's absolutely stunning! It doesn't even look like the same space. I never, ever would have thought to convert a buffet into a vanity; it looks so unique and pretty. I think your claw foot tub will be the perfect compliment to the new vanity. I'm excited to see it!  -Katie

Last weekend we cleaned and organized our utility closet (where we store the linens) and I forgot to take any pictures! But this small transformation is an outgrowth of that project: pillowcase refurbishing.

Over the years sheet sets have worn or ripped beyond repair, but the pillowcases have remained in basically good shape. But they too have eventually gotten frayed, especially around the opening edges and the corners. Rather than throw them away or repurpose the fabric, I simply re-serged the bottom side, sewing up and strengthening that seam. On the frayed edges, I simply did a very small hem that I turned over twice. This gives me a half dozen or so extra pillow cases, which come in handy!


Deb, I don't know why it never occurred to me to do that with pillowcases, but it's so smart! You're right, you can never have too many pillowcases. I always love how the fabric feels when pillowcases get worn with time, so it's a bummer when they get holes. I'm for sure going to salvage my pillowcases when they need it. They look great!  -Katie

Thank you so much for sharing your transformations! When people send transformation emails, a lot of them say that they were waiting for a good transformation to share. Remember, you don't need to wait for a huge transformation before sharing! The little things count, too, and can make just as big of a difference. Just something to keep in mind :) 

Please keep the transformations coming--just send a before picture and an after picture to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, and make sure to include your name and a description of your transformation. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  1. Goodness these are good ones. Love the "game of jenga" which is basically my office. Great work everyone.


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