May 30, 2022

Memorial Day

When I stop and think about Memorial Day, I get kind of emotional. Nobody very close to me has died in combat (for which I am so thankful--I worried about my brother every single day that he was in Iraq). But as a mom, Memorial Day makes me feel sad for all the moms out there who have lost a child in the military.

This is a picture of Eli when he was on a school field trip at the River Raisin National Battlefield Park. Each of the 379 flags behind him represents a fallen soldier from The River Raisin Massacre during the War of 1812. I love this picture--the rain only seemed to compliment it somehow.

Since Jerry and the boys have the day off of work today, I'm going to take a break today, too :)  

Here is a week's worth of random facts; I wasn't planning to post all of them, but I found all of them interesting! I'm not going to comment on them and I didn't google anything about them, but here goes:

Enjoy the day! Hopefully your weather is as great as southeast Michigan's right now.


  1. The H20 was interesting fact. Hope your weekend was good.

  2. My mom was disabled had a handicapped placard, and when I was young someone bought her bumper stickers that said something like "This Jerk Abuses Handicapped Parking Spaces" to put on a car illegally parked. I was mortified because of how permanent a bumper sticker is, and my mom never had the nerve to do it, but we did get a good chuckle out of the fact that they existed!


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