May 10, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #70

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I wish I could say I am feeling better today, but I feel pretty much the same as yesterday. Thankfully, I'm not any worse, though! I may take another COVID test later today unless I start feeling better. As of right now, I'm just acting as if I do have it (distancing, not going out) so I don't get anyone else sick. I wanted to start my new running plan today--I've been trying to start it for a few weeks, but I keep having things come up (like pantry moths!). 

For Mother's Day, I bought my mom a set of spice jars and I told her I'd go to her house and organize her kitchen. After she saw my pantry moths post, she bought a set of the airtight containers I bought for my pantry. So I'm going to work on organizing dry goods and her spices. I'm actually really looking forward to it! I love to organize, so it will be fun for me. Anyway, I will be sure to take before and after photos for transformation pictures.

Well, let's get to it! Here are a couple of readers' transformations for today...

This first transformation is in our garage. We wanted more storage so my husband built these shelves in there. Now to actually go through and get rid of some junk!

The second is our front yard. For Mother’s Day I wanted to do some long overdue yard work. We finally bought and put in a border around the beds, planted some new plants, and put in fresh mulch. I am so happy with how it looks!

- Kate

First, I love that you hung the bikes in the garage--I really need to do that. It would save so much space! That's a great idea to build the shelf near the ceiling, too, so you still have space against the wall. And as for the landscaping, it looks so nice! It's amazing how something so simple--like the bricks and new mulch--can completely transform your yard. Now please come finish mine! ;)  -Katie

My mom passed away in March of 2020. She had owned a 10 acre hobby farm that she loved and had named the Rusty Rooster Ranch--she even painted a sign for it that hung for years near the front gate.  We sold the property after she was gone, and my husband took down the sign for me. It was in terrible shape after many years in the Arizona sun and weather.

My college roommate is an artist and she offered to do a portrait of my mom, but I told her I wish I could just find someone to restore the sign. She simply said, "send it to me." So it took a while, but it returned better than new. I was amazed because that wood was ROUGH. I'm not sure yet how to display it, but I'm so happy to have it as a remembrance of my mom.

- Karen

Karen, this is such and heartwarming tribute to your mom! Your roommate did a wonderful job with restoring the sign. I absolutely love the idea of keeping that little piece of your mom's hobby farm. I'm so sorry about her passing. I can imagine she would be thrilled to have the sign restored.  -Katie

Thank you for sharing your transformations! I love feeling inspired every week when doing Transformation Tuesday. If any of you have a transformation to share, I'd love to see it! Just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com and include your name and a description of your transformation. Thanks!


  1. Absolutely love the roster keepsake. What a wonderful memory and such a good job.

  2. More great transformations! Sending more healing vibes your way too.

  3. I love how that sign came out!


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