December 07, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #51

And the Duck saga continues... I noticed a little bit of drainage from his incision this evening, and had been told to call the vet if that happened. So, I sent a picture and they said to bring him in at 9:00 AM tomorrow. I can't take this anymore! He has seemed SO normal today (if you dial down his usual playfulness by about 90%--I've been doing everything I can to keep him from moving around too much, and I've been glued to his side ever since he came home). Anyway, tomorrow is going to be another stressful day, but I *really* hope that Duck will come home with me tomorrow. If not, I might just camp out in their parking lot ;)

Anyway, to lighten the load, here are some fun Transformational Tuesday posts!

I’ve been working from home for the entire length of the pandemic. Our team at work challenged each other to use the time that we used to dedicate to commuting in a more productive way (but not working more!). Some people went for a walk or started cooking more. I chose to organize my house. Here are two examples: a linen closet and a drawer of t-shirts. These were the first areas I attacked, and two years later, they are still organized!

- Jenny

Jenny, it looks so nice! Don't you love having everything where you can see it at a glance instead of having to dig? Ever since I read the book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondō (Amazon affiliate link) my life was changed forever--folding and stacking clothes vertically has kept my clothes very "tidy" for years now. And it's amazing how much you can fit! (Like shown in your drawer photo) Great job!  - Katie

This is before and after photos of my backyard during our annual fall leaf clean up process. It is always quite a process and requires about 10 trips to the compost pile in town. So nice to see the end result. 

- Jayme

Jayme, holy smokes! That looks like a LOT of work. I live in a rural area and everyone just burns their leaves around here, so I never thought about what happens to the leaves when people don't burn them. Ten trips to the compost pile? Wow! It looks so nice and neat now :)  - Katie

At the start of the pandemic my husband and I both had to work from home, and at the time only had a single room in the house that was our study. Well...until I got sick of working back-to-back with him listening to his meetings, and the day he came and ate tuna behind me crunching in my ear I knew we were getting a second office. 

We converted a bedroom into his office (now known as "the cave") and the original study became my office. Later it grew into a fully fledged crafting area, as I've become a bit obsessed with my Cricut and do all sorts of crafts for friends. It had become an absolute mess with heat presses laying around, loads of vinyl crushed into bookshelves etc. 

One trip to Ikea later and a new set of Alex drawers and it's been transformed. I'm so happy to have a clean space again! The other side of the room that you can't see contains two bookshelves and my desk, but this side is all my storage. Also, black carpet is the devil - everything shows up no matter how often you vacuum!

- Kel (who blogs at Kelly's World--about a little bit of everything! She lives in Australia and is as sweet as can be. Also super crafty.)

Kel, first--I'm so jealous that you have your own craft room! (Yes, I have my garage, but there is sawdust on EVERYTHING; and I'd love a little room just for sewing stuff and other craft things!) Your organization looks great--it's amazing what the Alex drawers did for that space. You should share some of your designs/crafts in a reader email post--I'd love to see!  - Katie

Okay, tomorrow is my Wednesday Weigh-In, and I will spoil it now by telling you that I gained approximately 170 pounds this weekend. I stress-ate for the last five days, and I'm just hoping for good news about Duck so that I can stop this stress-eating! (I know, it's a lame excuse. I will feel a million times worse if I gain back everything I just lost. So regardless of what the deal is with Duck, I'm going to recharge tomorrow after my weigh-in. I haven't even looked at the scale, so it will be a true surprise, even to me!


  1. Sending more love to you and your little Duck. Hugs too.

  2. Another week of awesome transformations!

    Don't focus on the scale right now! That's one more stress you don't need! I hope Duck is feeling better today, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news from the vet and hope that he can stay at home to keep on recovering!

  3. Got a prayer in for Duck. Focus on Duck not the dang scale. Besides there is no dang way you gained 170 pounds in week.

  4. I am curious Jenny, the method you used to fold your shirts to fit so many in the drawer? My t-shirt drawer is crammed full and I don't want to part with any :-/

  5. Poor Duckling. Poor Katie. Hopefully, it's nothing serious. If food helps you through this, then food helps you through this. No judgment at all. ❤️

  6. I had to check in on Duck's condition. Oh I hope he's O.K. If he was sick, I think his appetite would deminish completely. And Katie, you won't lose your fitness or gain back the weight that fast. Life will return to normal, and you'll have a wonderful Christmas with your family of kitties, sons, hubby, and that lucky lab mix, Joey. Take care.


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