December 10, 2021

Friday Night Photos

Duck is helping me write this, so it's going to take three times longer than usual...

I turned on the "Photo Booth" app on my computer to get pictures while he's on my lap right now. Every time I start to take a picture, it counts down from three with beeping noises. Duck would hear the beeps and then look up, trying to figure out what it is. So this is a picture of that.

Because I've been sharing photos all week of Duck, I actually don't have much to share for Friday Night Photos. I'll post what I have... but I also wanted to share an update of Erin's project that she shared (about making up little care package water bottles for the homeless people that she passes while driving through the city to work.

You can find the original post here. Erin got SO MUCH MORE in donations than she ever would have expected--she couldn't believe it! So she started getting creative with ways to package things. Here is a little of what she's said about it all (this was actually written about two weeks ago, so I will have to ask her for another update! Like I said, I've gotten far behind in posts.)

"To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement (but in a good way)!

This has been a great stress relief dealing with the news that my dad is dying. Knowing he was homeless just gives me a feeling like I was drawn to do this in his honor. As of this evening I have given four of the care packages away. The first two I was super nervous, and after handing them to someone, I drove off right away because the light turned green.

On one day, I pulled up to the light as it turned red so I knew I would be there for a few. I rolled down my window and asked a man if he could use a care package. He came over, said yes, and I gave it to him. He said thank you very much and immediately put the gloves on, which made me happy to see.

I have ordered hats and gloves to put with the bottles I have prepared. I have enough prepared bottles to last me some time (once I get the hats and gloves I ordered), I plan on taking two a day and walking at lunch and giving them to the people I see sleeping in doorways. Whatever is left I am going to make kits to take to the local shelters, both homeless and battered women's. I may pick it up again as the winter goes on, but I have enough to last me quite a while.

I can not thank you and your readers enough. It truly has been amazing to see all those that are willing to help complete strangers."  - Erin

Here is what she said the packages contain:

"Into the water bottle:

Hand warmers
Foil rescue blanket
Chap stick
Peanut butter crackers
Granola bar
Slim Jim beef jerky
$5 cash
$10 food gift card

I then put the tuna, socks, gloves and completed bottle in the hat to complete the package."

Here are a couple of pictures of the completed package:

And here are some pics Erin sent me as she couldn't believe the Amazon packages that she was getting, filled with items to stuff the care packages.

Isn't it amazing? I think these are extremely thoughtful and useful packages! I hope that the recipients think so, too. Erin is fantastic for taking the time to do this.

Okay, now here are a few photos that I have for the week...

I got this text from Eli and it made me laugh (note the time stamps). Kids love to plan ahead, don't they? Haha. 

Noah and Eli were getting ready to go lift weights at the rec center (Eli's new favorite hobby). I could hear them laughing as they were getting ready, and I walked in to find Noah grabbing the sleeve of Eli's shirt--bracing his legs for tug-of-war--and then pulling as hard as he could to rip the sleeves off of the shirt.

They thought it'd be funny to wear shirts with the sleeves ripped off, à la late-90's. I had to school them on how to rip seams ;)

I saw this shirt on Amazon and I HAD TO buy it for my brother-in-law, Shawn. He's the one that I like woodworking with when I go up north--while everyone else was tubing down a lazy river, Shawn and I made shiplap in his workshop, haha. This shirt could not have been more perfect for him! 

Duck's surgical-recovery garment finally arrived yesterday! So he got to exchange his "cone of shame"... for a pink bodysuit! Hahahaha. Pink was the only color that had one-day shipping, and since I wanted it ASAP for him, I went ahead and ordered it. If I had known it would be two days late, I would have gotten him gray or blue. 

He was acting so much like the old Duck once we took the cone off and he could move around without wobbling and bumping into things. Yesterday morning, when it looked like I wasn't going to be getting that garments (because of the delays) I looked for one with same-day shipping--it was another brand, but I went ahead and ordered it yesterday morning and it arrived last night. I figured it couldn't hurt to have a back-up or I could just return it if needed.

Well, when we went to bed, Duck was wearing the pink one that had worked so well all afternoon. At 3:30 AM, I heard him digging around in the litter box (I put one in my bathroom for him to use while he heals--I was keeping him confined  so he wasn't too active). I worried that maybe he'd get pee on the garment (and I definitely didn't want cat pee getting on my bed or the couch or wherever he sat, so I got up and checked the garment. It was wet in back. Ugh.

So I took it off of him and hand washed it and hung it to dry. I figured it was a good thing I had the back-up! So I put that on him, and even though it was a different brand, it seemed very similar.

I went back to bed at around 4:00, and then at 6:00 when I got up, I looked over and saw Duck lying on the couch--sans garment. The little shit had Houdini'd his way out of it! I immediately looked at his incision, and it was clear that he had groomed the hell out of it. It was a lot cleaner looking, but the edges of the incision looked red and there were two spots that looked a little opened.

If I didn't love him so much, I would have strapped that cone of shame right back on his neck. (The one that he'd wiggled out of did not even have a single black hair on it! I have no idea how he did it. The neckline is looser on it--so I *don't* recommend getting this brand, if you're ever looking for one--it's called Coppthinktu. It had 1,100 reviews and seemed promising, but the other one I bought was much better and has worked perfectly. Today, he's used the litter box without getting it wet, so it must have just been in a bad position yesterday. This one isn't exactly top-quality (the edges are looking a little frazzled) but as long as it lasts a week, I'll be happy with that.

Anyway, after finding him looking all groomed and happy as a clam this morning, I took a picture of the incision and texted it to the vet. They said it should be fine--there are a few layers of sutures and as long as nothing is poking through or draining, and he continues his antibiotics, it should be fine. Duck has always been very dramatic, and this whole experience has definitely reflected that.

I am hoping for smooth sailing for the next week or so as he continues to heal.

Oh! Yesterday, when the Amazon box arrived, I put it on the floor for the cats (what I always do with boxes). I noticed Duck was batting his paw around, and I said to Jerry, "Look! He's playing!" and I was happy to see him playing again. Then I saw what he was playing with... it was a string from the packaging tape that Amazon uses on their boxes! It's basically like dental floss. I immediately threw the box outside to take to the fire pit. I knew he'd play with string again the first change he got ;)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Duck is a bit of a scoundrel! Love that. So glad he's doing better. And huge kudos to Erin for what she's doing and to you for promoting it. Heartwarming stuff, much needed.

  2. So glad that Duck is doing well with his recovery and Erin you are an angel on earth for making those kits. Katie, I'm glad Duck is back where he belongs with your family. You are the best cat mama!

  3. That's a very cute cat you guys have!

  4. Oh, I LOLed at "the little shit had Houdini'd his way out of it"! That's a cat for you! Oh, my! :) At least it's a sign that he's feeling better.


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