December 22, 2021

Just Wednesday

I held Chick to wipe his eyes and nose and then he just sprawled out like this. So we got cozy for a little while ;) 

I totally forgot that today was Wednesday Weigh-In. When I got up this morning, I probably couldn't even tell you what month it is--I feel like a zombie!

I went to bed on the early side but couldn't sleep at all because of the cats. Each time I heard one of them walking around, I wanted to see what they were doing (they usually sleep all night). I have to make sure they are eating so whenever I heard them awake, I tried to get them to eat. (Cats can't go very long without food; their livers can start to fail in just a couple of days.)

Then at 3:30, Estelle's noisy breathing woke me up. She was very congested so I decided it was time to get up for the day. I took the hottest shower I could stand to steam up the bathroom while Estelle was in there with me (the bathroom, not the shower). I was really surprised at just how well that worked for her. After the steam treatment, she ate a whole plate of food. I immediately went on Amazon and bought a humidifier with same-day delivery (let's hope it actually arrives today). I'm going to crank the humidifier up and see if that helps.

I called the vet today to see if I could get Phoebe in. She's really not doing well. I've been having to hand-feed her with a syringe (cat formula and pureed salmon--blech!) but I'm sure she's still not getting enough. She just doesn't want to eat or drink anything.

So, she has an appointment tomorrow. I'm guessing they'll want to keep her overnight--a feeding tube and an IV for fluids--which really sucks. Remember when I brought Duck in on a Friday for his emergency surgery? I wasn't able to pick him up until Monday because they were closed on Sunday. So, because of the holidays, I am not sure how long she'd have to stay.

I feel terrible taking her in because I know she's going to hate me for it, but she really needs to be seen. And she pretty much hates me right now anyways--when she sees me bring food and a syringe over to her, she visibly cringes away from me. I am constantly worried about her.

The good news is that Jerry is off for a whole week! And since he's on a night shift schedule, he'll still be staying up at night and sleeping until early afternoon. So, he can take care of the cats during the night and maybe I'll be able to sleep. It feels like we have newborn infants again.

Anyway, even though I didn't do an "official" Wednesday Weigh-In, I know that I haven't lost anything. I've really learned quite a bit about my eating habits over the past few weeks--I definitely don't deal with stress well and when I'm super stressed like this, I simply don't care about my food choices. I clearly need to work on stress management, but now isn't the time to even think about that.

I also started taking my anti-anxiety med twice daily (I usually just take them as needed, but I saw my psychiatrist last week--in person for the first time since the pandemic!--and we switched it up for now. It either makes me retain some serious water or I just plain gain weight when taking it daily. Or maybe both, I don't know. Either way, I'm hoping that the cats get better fast and I can go back to the norm.

I really need to start making myself a priority again--eating better and running, specifically. Everything was going so great until about a month ago. I really don't want to lose the progress I've made. You know how when you're worried about something, it's the only thing you can think about? Well, that's how I've been ever since Duck swallowed that yarn. I've been constantly worried--first him and now all of the cats. This all started from a stupid piece of yarn!

I promise I will stop complaining about the cats soon. It's just my life right now! I've never had a cat with an upper respiratory infection before and it's nerve wracking (especially considering all four of them have it). I think I'll feel better after talking to the vet tomorrow.

I can't believe it's nearly the end of December already. Remember how everyone complained about 2020 being the worst year ever and being so excited for 2021? Well, now 2021 is almost over!! It's so crazy how fast this year has gone by.


  1. I'm hoping all of your babies recover from this infection. How scarey! When I was driving home with our rescue dog that was so sick and skinny, she was coughing and choking, and I thought she wouldn't survive the 1 1/2 hour drive. She went from being 7 pounds to 14 pounds right away after our vet put her on Amoxicillin. My thoughts are with you and your family. We're closing in on Christmas and hope all is well way up there in Michigan.

  2. Oh goodness, it sounds like you have your hands full. I'm so sorry all of them are sick now. I hope they get to feeling better soon!

  3. Bless your Heart! Of course your cats are your main focus right now, and do not apologize for expressing your anxiety in this space. Many of us read your posts and are so sorry this has become your reality for the last month. Hoping Phoebe’s stay is short and she receives just what she needs to heal. Take care of yourself.

  4. I assume they tested for Covid? I've heard of a lot of zoo animals getting it.

    1. Was coming on here to say the same. Hope they feel better soon

  5. So much on your plate. I am so sorry. You are such a dang good cat mom <3

  6. Sending more good vibes to you and the kittehs. Please don't apologize. I don't see it as complaining at all. I only see that you are stressed and being real about your feelings and experience. That authenticity is part of what draws us to you. BIG HUGS!!

  7. I can't believe all the cats got it and you even had them separated! When we adopted our little calico, she came down with an upper respiratory illness as well, and one thing they suggested was elevating her water and food bowls so she isn't leaning her nose/face down to eat. So we put her bowls on some books, and that worked really well. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll get better soon! We have Covid in our house, so all of December has been a poop show. All of our fun plans went straight down the crapper. I understand the anxiety that comes with multiple illnesses. Calgon! Take me away! Lol!


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