December 23, 2021

Top 10 Favorite TV Shows We've Watched as a Couple

I almost didn't write a post today because I just don't have anything to write about right now--taking care of the cats (first Duck and now all of them) has been my life for nearly three weeks! But Jerry and I were going to sit down and watch a show together and I had the idea to make a post of our Top 10 Favorite Shows We Watched Together.

It was interesting how easy it was to come up with this list together. It practically wrote itself. We each have favorite shows as individuals that differ from each other's list, but this list is just the shows we've agreed are our favorites we watched together.

(There are NO SPOILERS for the shows on this list). And these are in no particular order at all...


This one is a given for sure. Considering our pets are named Joey, Phoebe, Estelle, Duck, and Chick, it's pretty obvious we're into Friends. We can quote pretty much every line and we play it as "background TV" when we're cleaning. This show will never get old for us!


This is one of the first TV shows that we binge-watched together. I remember when we had a "staycation" several years ago, and our kids went to Florida with my sister and parents, Jerry and I watched '24' almost non-stop. The cool thing about '24' is that an entire season is made up of 24 one-hour episodes and each episode takes place in one hour of "real time". So all of the events from an entire season take place in 24 hours' time on the show.


This is probably *my* most favorite show of all time (or at least in the last decade). We started watching it from the day the first episode was aired and it was SO hard to wait until the next week. "Shameless" is the PERFECT name for this show. If you've seen it, then you know why. And William H. Macy is the perfect actor to play Frank. The show just wouldn't be the same without him!

'The Shield'

I would say that this one probably tops our list as far as our very favorite (if we take 'Friends' out of the running). We watched this every Tuesday at 10:00 PM (I remember it well, because a new episode was airing while I was in active/pushing labor with Noah, who was born at 10:46 PM on a Tuesday night). I still get goosebumps when I think of the series finale of this show; it was the most memorable finale I've ever seen.


Good ol' Dr. House! This is a medical drama, but we loved Dr. House's character (that Hugh Laurie played *perfectly*)--his sarcastic, unapologetic, selfish, blunt, tell-it-like-it-is, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. I totally wish Dr. House was a real doctor!

'This Is Us'

This one is pretty recent, so a lot of you may have been into as well. The first episode was very confusing at first with the back-and-forth timeline, but at the end of that episode, when you finally GET IT, you have that, "Ohhhhhhhh, that's awesome!" feeling. And the first few seasons (if I remember correctly) you want to find out something very specific (I won't write any spoilers); so waiting for the next show was hard!


I kind of like vigilantes, and Dexter was extremely likable as a vigilante murderer. I think what drew us to the show was the light-hearted vibe of such a serious subject. We haven't watched the new episodes yet only because we want to binge-watch them once the whole season has aired. Being able to stream shows on demand has totally spoiled us in that we don't like waiting in between episodes.

'The Walking Dead'

I hesitated to put this on the list because we really loved it up until about Season 8(?). I usually HATE watching anything that is supernatural/can't-really-happen and because this is about zombies, I really didn't expect to like it. However, Jerry and I were totally hooked on it. We really liked the survival aspect of it, so when it got to the point that it was a bunch of people fighting over turf, we stopped watching.

'Desperate Housewives'

Yes, Jerry watched this with me. He was the one who actually said I need to include it on the list! This was a fun, light-hearted show with an underlying mystery that you really want to find out from the very first episode. We always looked forward to watching it!

'Prison Break'

This show was impossible to stop watching once we started! We watched this with the kids and they were super into it, too. They would ask me if we could watch an episode without Jerry if he was working, haha (we never did!). I loved how clever the whole first episode was and it had us hooked immediately.

And there you have it! These are shows we've considered favorites TOGETHER; there are shows he loves but I don't (like Game of Thrones) and shows that I like and he wasn't into (like Breaking Bad). This whole post shows that we watch entirely too much TV, hahaha!

Feel free to share your favorites :)


  1. That’s a great list. As a couple, my husband and I really liked Prison Break as well. We binge watched The Blacklist. Other favorites were Scorpion, Swamp People, Alone, and other survival type shows.

    Personally, I love This is Us. The only other show I’ve binged watched years ago was Gilmore Girls.

  2. My husband & I have completely different ideas of what is good TV. Many times we just watch separately since our tastes are so different. One show he will watch is Dr. Pol. I guess the fact he grew up on a farm & likes how much passion this vet has. He is a vet out of Michigan. When you wrote about Duck, I did see animals in the same situation. I hope all your pets get well. Have a great Christmas.

  3. We stopped watching Walking Dead around Season 8 too. Also, the new Dexter is SO GOOD, but the waiting in between episodes does suck.


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