December 24, 2021

Friday Night Photos

This will be rather short, because I just don't have many photos to post that I haven't already.

A quick update on the cats: I took Phoebe to the vet yesterday and I was happy that they didn't want to keep her overnight. They said it's a textbook upper respiratory infection but they wanted to do a culture to find out exactly what virus it is so they know how to treat it. They said she was dehydrated so they gave her subcutaneous fluids (where they inject fluid--I'm assuming saline?--under her skin). They started her on an antibiotic, which I didn't really understand if it's viral, but I just want her to get better ASAP, so I went with it.

Naturally, after an expensive trip to the vet, they all seem to be doing better today (except Phoebe--she perked up quite a bit yesterday after the fluids, but she's back to sleeping constantly today.) I still have to feed Phoebe with a syringe because she won't eat on her own. Chick and Duck aren't showing symptoms at all anymore and Estelle is still a little congested and sneezy, but definitely better.

Anyway, here are the few photos I have this week... (warning: most of them are cat photos)

Yesterday when Jerry and I were watching a show, he noticed Duck staring him down with the creepiest look on his face. Jerry started laughing and Duck didn't even flinch. We both laughed and then we were calling his name, but he was like a statue. Finally, he blinked out of the trance, but the look on his face was hilarious. (Although I guess if you don't see Duck everyday, he just looks like an ordinary cat in this photo)

I didn't even notice that Chick was lying in this box! I went to pick the box up off of my bed and it was heavy--then I noticed Chick was in there!

Chick is pretty fascinated with TV. Jerry took this picture when he was watching The Walking Dead one night.

Duck knows he's not allowed on the island, but I walked in and found him in this box. I'm sure he saw it and just couldn't resist!

It's funny--right after I realized he'd swallowed the yarn and I knew he had to go to the vet (he was acting very lethargic and sick) he went under the Christmas tree. I tried to grab him quickly before he got under there because I didn't want to have to crawl under and try to drag him out and put him in his carrier when he wasn't feeling good. Then I thought, "Waaaait a SECOND!" and I opened his carrier and placed it next to the tree. Not even 30 seconds later, I'd caught a cat who sat in there patiently until it was time to go, haha. (You can't really see in the picture, but he's already inside of it.)

I LOVE this photo of Luke, Riley, Eli's girlfriend, Eli, and Noah! (I blurred her face because I haven't asked her yet about sharing a photo.) They all went to my parents' house to decorate Christmas cookies. It's hard to get Luke and Riley to smile for a photo, so this one is the best!

And poor Joey was looking really neglected when he was in desperate need of being brushed. We've been so focused on the cats that Joey hasn't gotten the attention he craves. Anyway, Jerry brushed him really well and he looks like a new dog ;)  You can see on his face that he LOVES being brushed! (And also that he's getting gray hairs! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we adopted him? It'll be seven years ago in February!)

This meme just made me laugh because it is 100% me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll have permanent markings on my back from my heating pad. I swear I get colder and colder each year I get older. 

This was on Estelle's sickest day--I felt so bad for her because she was really congested and I could hear her breathing (it was louder than Jerry's). She'd been sleeping next to the heat register on the floor, but when I went back in the room, she was curled up next to him. 

This was one rough night when I was up late with the cats. I had just fed Phoebe (who is sleeping on the far left). And then Chick and Estelle were BOTH lying on my lap. Estelle likes my shins and Chick likes my thighs. If Duck was in there, he'd want to be on my chest. It'd be interesting to see if all three would lie there at the same time! (The 2x4 on the wall is from where I had our headboard hanging. I moved our bedroom around and I still have to move the headboard.)

Haha! I was cutting Jerry's hair and I started with the top (I just use clippers, starting with a #8 and then doing the sides with a #2). But after I did the top, he looked so funny that I had to stop and take a picture.

Poor Duck. He was sitting on the counter today and you could see where the vet had shaved him for his surgery--on his belly and then for the IV in his arm. (Okay, this is a debate between Jerry and me... do you think cats have arms and legs? Or just legs? I say arms and legs, but Jerry thinks that's ridiculous. He's probably right, but it sounds weird saying that Duck had an IV in his leg.)

Finally, here's Chick in a box. We were wrapping presents and Chick sat in that box the ENTIRE time just watching us. When we were done, he laid down in it and went to sleep. It's so funny how cats are drawn to boxes like bees to honey!

Okay, we're going to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation now as a fam. Have a fantastic Christmas! xo


  1. I love the pictures. And so glad they're getting better. I used to make sugar cookies every year, and kept debating about doing it again. It always took all day long, and with just the two of us, I decided to skip it, but it's fun to do with the kids. Joey loves the brushing and the expression on his face is so cute.

  2. Happy Christmas!! So relieved they're all doing better. I'm also grateful because my great niece's kitty came home two minutes after midnight Christmas morning! She'd been gone for four days. My sister heard her meowing at 12:02am. We do love our pets.

  3. Poor Phoebes. Hope she feels better soon. Glad the rest of the group seems to be well on the recovery road. The pictures are great -- love seeing Joey enjoying his Furminating that much.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! ❤️

  4. I'm on the legs and arms team for sure. Lol! Glad the cat gang is doing better!


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