December 21, 2021

To Lighten Things Up!

I didn't get any transformations in my email for Transformation Tuesday (bummer!) and I REALLY need a stress reliever. Looking at my shirt right now, I have about 15 different stains on it and I couldn't tell you which are tuna juice, puréed salmon, kitten formula, or the coffee I threw in my own face when I mistook it for the tumbler of ice I'd been chewing. 

(Also, I've done that last one more times than I can count on one hand.)

(Also, I should mention that if you're not caught up, I was not eating those things; my cats are all sick and I've been doing everything I can to get them to eat. Well, Chick and Duck are eating just fine--their symptoms are mild. Phoebe and Estelle are old and it's harder.) 

There is nothing like a good laugh to make you forget about life--or four sick cats--for a moment. Memes are my very favorite cure for a bad mood (even though my kids tell me that memes are for old people). 

I know I post some memes here and there, but I tried to pick some today that I don't remember sharing before. So, here are some things that made me laugh, and hopefully they will give you a chuckle too!

My friend John made this meme about him and his husband, Ric, but I thought it was hilarious and totally applied to my kids. So I asked him to change the wording for me:

On Friday, when I didn't have any pictures on my camera roll to share, I asked Jerry if I could look through the pics on his phone and maybe do a Friday Night Photos from JERRY post. (It would have been very boring--he doesn't take many pictures, as it turns out!) But I did find some memes he saved and they made me laugh:

The dad jokes one made me laugh and then made me feel bad that he actually saved it--I'll try to laugh at his dad jokes more often ;)

Well, something smells bad and it's most likely ME, so I'm going to take a shower and put on some clean pajamas. It's been another long day!

(Several people suggested that perhaps the cats have COVID; that maybe Duck got it while at the vet. I am almost positive they tested him for it and it was negative, but come to think of it, they did that blood work the first moment I brought him in--before his surgery. So it's definitely possible. Right now, I'm just trying to keep them all comfortable and make sure they eat/drink, and I'm hoping this will pass soon.)


  1. Love the memes! I have to have a little chat with someone about the Triscuit one, though. 😉🤣 (I like my wicker with dill and sea salt.) #nevertoooldformemes

  2. Hope your fur babies are on the mend. My female cat was just diagnosed as being diabetic. A lot of the memes you posted I can relate to. The vet charged $65 to show my husband how to load the syringe for her insulin. I tell my husband all the time, he tells dad jokes. After a bad car accident many years ago, I would inhale and make a sound when I saw a car moving in my peripheral vision, like what caused the accident. Drove my husband nuts!!! And yes, I love Pinterest. I can virtually hoard things. :) Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. It's always good to stop and have a good laugh! My husband has sent me that dad joke one and it made me laugh and then also feel bad lol. But sometimes it's just soooo many dad jokes! ;) Hope the kitties are on the upswing today!!

  4. Oh goodness! So much stress. Sending more good vibes.

  5. The zoom meeting & the now/then girl dressing made me laugh as both were spot on! I really hope all the cats are better by Christmas.

  6. These memes are HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh! I hope all the kitties are well soon!


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