August 15, 2021

18 Years!

Everything has been so wonky over the last couple of weeks--I can't even remember what day it is most of the time! I know I said I was going to try to post a heritage recipe today (since my blog schedule got all wonky along with everything else) but I totally forgot that Jerry and I had decided to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary today because he has to work tomorrow (our actual anniversary).

(And by "celebrate", I mean a typical evening that Jerry has off work, haha.) We were cracking up because we wore the same shirt (they are the shirts Jerry bought us for our anniversary last year) and our glasses are nearly identical... I guess couples really do start to look alike as they get older ;)

Wow, I just looked at that anniversary post from last year, with the shirts--I can definitely see a huge difference in my weight since then. I'll take a comparison picture tomorrow with the same clothes.

We didn't really want to go anywhere tonight (the older I get, the less I enjoy going out to eat--I'm not sure why that is). We would have gone to a movie if anything that interested us was playing, but no luck there. We couldn't really think of anywhere we wanted to go!

So, we just decided to have dinner and a movie marathon at home. Jerry made chili for dinner and now we're going to watch some of our favorite movies from the early years of our relationship (we started dating in 1999). I don't think anyone can argue that 1999 wasn't one of the best years in film history!

We used to watch a lot of the teen drama/romance/comedy back in the day, so we decided to rewatch a few of our favorites tonight:

10 Things I Hate About You
She's All That
Boys and Girls

Runners Up:

Down to You
Meet the Parents
Just Married
My Boss's Daughter
American Pie (this is still the very best movie of our generation, hands-down, but we've seen it at least 18,000 times)

I'm going to cut this short so that we can get started :)


  1. Happy anniversary!! And what a GREAT List! I agree- I love pretty much all those films.

  2. Happy anniversary! I hope you had a great movie marathon night!

  3. Happy anniversary! We just celebrated our 26th last week. Hubs isn't a movie watcher, but he did take me out to finally get a new phone (mine had been on its last legs for a while). The athletic booster bbq was that night and with a high school athlete we were required to buy four meals so we picked those up (it was only a drive thru event this year) on our way home. Not very romantic, but such is life sometimes. We'll try to do a more proper date night soon.

  4. My husband and I watch 10 Things I Hate About You all the time! Happy anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and here's to many more!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I've only watched about half of the movies on your list. Next time I have some free time, ha, I'll have to watch one of those.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Here's to many more great years together.

  8. Happy Anniversary! 18 is a special number in Judaism -- the letters that make up the word Chai (life) add up to 18. ❤️ 😃

    Also, weird coincidence -- the outdoor scenes in American Pie were filmed at the high school at which I spent most of my teaching career and most of the interior scenes were filmed at the high school I attended as a kid.

  9. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my absolute favorites!


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