August 27, 2021

Friday Night Photos

All day long, I kept thinking that today is Thursday. It does not feel like a weekend! Noah started school last Wednesday (he's taking all college courses now and has a tough semester ahead) and Eli starts school this coming Wednesday. It's the first time EVER that school has started before Labor Day (in my kids' schools, I mean). The start of school has always felt like the end of summer, and I just can't believe that summer is over already.

Here are some random photos from the past week...

My next door neighbor has an enormous abundance of basil in her garden which is lucky for ME--because I love basil so much! Yesterday, I made a margherita pizza on my favorite whole wheat crust (I am not a person who chooses whole wheat over white--ever--but I do love this pizza crust). The pizza was so AMAZING.

The house was extremely chaotic all at once when it was in the oven and I thought for sure I burned it, but the crust end up being perfect. I was setting out plates to pull the (mini) pizzas out of the oven when I heard Eli yell a few choice words that were a bit out of sorts from the quiet, sweet kid that he usually is. He came running into the kitchen and blood was streaming from his hand all over the floor.

He had been handling a new fishing lure that he'd bought via Facebook Marketplace--a huge lure for catching musky--when Joey jumped off his bed and bumped into him. The hook went deep into his finger (you could see where it almost came through the other side). Thank God the barb of the hook didn't go any farther in, because it would have been a much bigger mess. I checked with his doctor, and he had his last tetanus vaccine in 2018, so at least we didn't have to go to Urgent Care.

I tried to sneak up on Duck while he was sleeping to get this picture of him because he was lying in such a funny position. At the last second, he opened his eyes--but he was sleeping like this:

I made Chicken Pot Pie Bubble Up for dinner and it was SO good--total comfort food. I couldn't remember if I'd posted the recipe before, so I took a picture of it in case I hadn't. Well, it turns out I did post the recipe, which you can find here. It's super easy to make.

For a few days, Jerry was looking for his car key. Thankfully, he has two of them, so he just used his back-up. But it was bothering him that he couldn't find his key. Well, I was doing laundry while he was at work and as I was moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, I found his key--haha! I sent him this picture. (Surprisingly, the key still worked!)

Eli sent me this picture when he was out fishing. He fishes with a boy his age and the boy had brought with him a baby squirrel. He said he'd rescued it (with the help of his parents) and they'd been taking care of it for a couple of weeks. I would have liked for him to call a rescue organization, but he said his parents did their research and the squirrel was thriving. I hope so! My heart melted when Eli sent me this picture.

My mom's birthday was on the 23rd, and I thought it would be fun to have Luke and Riley over to make a birthday cake for her. I actually picked a recipe from the heritage cookbook for Devil's Food Cake, so I'll be posting that (probably tomorrow). We also made homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. Yum! I measured out all the ingredients ahead of time so that it was easy for them--they just had to dump ingredients into the mixing bowl without measuring. The cake turned out so good! Of course, they wanted to decorate with sprinkles ;)

I finally finished an enormous project I'd been working on. I hadn't been able to print anything for months and it was driving me crazy! I finally figured out that our printer is too outdated for our computers. It's a very nice Brother all-in-one printer (from 2010) that my brother gave to us when he bought a new one. I know that laser printers are very expensive, but after getting used to the laser, I just can't go back to an inkjet.

Over the last several months, I've been going through and updating all of my recipes and saving them as PDFs--but unable to print them (I have a three-ring binder that I keep my recipes in). Anyway, I figured out that if we save it as a PDF on a thumb drive and then plug the thumb drive into the printer, we can bypass the computer.

So, I finally finished formatting the recipes--nearly 200 of them--and was able to print them! I was thrilled. The next morning, I put them all in plastic sleeves and into my binder. I'm so glad that I don't have to look recipes up on the computer when I want to make something.

(We ended up ordering a new printer, though. Noah needs to be able to print things for his classes so we need something reliable. We bought the same printer, just a newer model. At least we know it will last a long time, though!)

Remember when I mentioned freeze-drying peaches after getting them from The Peach Truck? I asked Becky (she and Brian have a freeze dryer) if the peaches would work well and she said she didn't think so because of how juicy they were. So I never tried it. Well, she recently gave peaches a try in the freeze dryer and said they turned out amazing. She sent me a bag of them when Luke and Riley came over. They were such a good snack! The next time I get a load of peaches, I'm going to freeze dry a lot of them.

I wanted to get the kittens a new toy to play with and after looking through popular toys on Amazon, I ordered two of these fish--they flop around like a real fish would (they actually look pretty realistic, considering they are a cat toy). They arrived today and the cats exhausted themselves playing with them for over an hour. Chick especially loved them (he's the one with the long fur). He kept wrestling the fish and then holding it and rabbit-kicking it. It was so funny to watch the cats play!

If you have a playful cat, I highly recommend these toys! Phoebe and Estelle weren't very interested, but they're old and rarely interested in new toys, so I wasn't surprised. Duck and Chick love them though. Here is the Amazon (affiliate) link. (I like that they are rechargeable and don't need batteries.)

Well, I'm going to try to finish my book tonight so I can start another; my library queue is getting backed up. Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Around Christmas last year, I saw an ad on Facebook for those fish and bought two for my cats, thinking they'd love them! One cat (Zelda) is scared of them, and the other (Link, who is normally very playful) could not care less. But I'm glad to see that other cats do love them and I wasn't tricked by fake advertising, lol.


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