August 19, 2021

Still working on it...

I just realized that today marks 12 years since I started the diet that would have me lose 125 pounds over the next 14 months. Twelve years ago today, I was 253 pounds. I wish I'd have realized it sooner so that I could have written something thoughtful today! But here's the situation...

I have spent over TEN HOURS today working on a single post. I am still not ready to publish it yet--it's a tutorial for Fat Secret (the calorie counting app I recommend)--and I had to take a million screenshots. I've been trying to get the post together without it being totally overwhelming. If I share it now, it will be done in haste and I don't want to make the app seem confusing. So, I will try to get it posted this weekend. Several people have asked me for a tutorial, so I assure you that I am working on it!

I think it goes without saying that I am not going to be writing a post tonight... I need to get away from this computer! ;)

For now, here is a funny picture of how Chick was sleeping today...

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