August 29, 2021

September Activity Goal

Over the past week or so, I've been cleaning some stuff up on my blog (nothing really noticeable, but going through and resizing pictures and fixing broken links and stuff like that). Stuff that I should really keep up with on a regular basis!

It's fun to see how much I've changed over the years. I don't mean physically; I mean my viewpoints, opinions, priorities, and goals.

Some of it makes me feel a little nostalgic. I used to be very ambitious with goals--I would make daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals all the time. I probably only completed about 10% of them, but it's fun to see what I was working on back then.

This photo is from back in 2013 when I was into doing the Wii Fit regularly--just for fun! I recently dug it out to play with Luke and it made me want to do it again. (Jerry snuck a video of me doing the hip hop dancing, hahahaha--this is just a screenshot of that, so it's blurry.)

I feel like I've matured quite a bit since then; my goals aren't as vain and I'm more concerned about my health than I am about my jeans size. I care more about being fit than I do about "respectable" race times (or even running races at all). And I've learned to try to find a gray area rather than think in black and white (an "all-or-nothing" attitude). I think these are good changes!

But I do miss working on some of the silly goals. One memory that pops into my head is when I was determined to hit an activity goal every day every single day for a month (this was in 2013). I remember one evening, I had a LOT of steps that I still needed to get in. I actually wrote about it:

"I was very determined to get to 100%, however, so I created a little game with the kids--and they had a blast with it! We walked single file around the house in a big loop--through the living room, kitchen, and hallway.

For each loop, we added something else that we had to do during that loop--first, we had to pet each cat as we walked by; then we had to touch each chair and pet each cat; then we had to give Jerry a kiss, touch each chair, and pet each cat; then march the loop instead of walking it while doing all those things; and so on. (It reminded me of that Father Abraham song, where you keep adding a body part to move for each verse).

It sounds completely ridiculous, but both kids said, 'This is the most funnest thing we ever did before bed!' and they loved it."

Reading that makes me smile. It wasn't at all an exciting "game", but for some reason, the kids loved it. They asked several times after that if we could "play that game where we marched around the house", haha.

I've mentioned to Jerry a few times lately that I want to get in more daily movement--not intentional exercise, but being more active in general. I miss feeling as good as I did before the chronic pain issues I've been dealing with. (After SO many various tests, my rheumatologist diagnosed fibromyalgia, but she's still looking into other causes--I have to get an x-ray of my neck and back before I see her again.)

One thing I've noticed over the past few years is that as the pain has gotten worse, my activity level has gone done. Naturally, when I'm in pain, being active is harder. However, my gut feeling is telling me that my body would feel better if I was more active. I don't mean doing anything excessive, but I'd like to get more activity (especially on the days that I don't run).

So, to test that out--as well as for nostalgic reasons--I'm going to set a step-goal for September. I still have my old Fitbit (it's just the tiny little clip that counts steps--nothing fancy). I'm going to aim for 8,000 steps per day in September. That may not sound like much to people who regularly get 10,000+, but it equates to about four miles--and I'm sure that's more than I'm doing now!


  1. You look TINY in that fuzzy picture!

    I know you enjoyed Diet Bet. They also have Step Bets. You might want to look into it.

    I’m glad you finally got words to describe your pain. I’m hoping you start to get some relief.

  2. I love that game! Might have to try that get my steps in. 8,000 steps is no joke and a great goal. Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

  3. I hope you get better soon


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