August 20, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I felt like I was taking pictures all week long and I was sure I was going to have to narrow them down so that I didn't bombard tonight's post with way too many. Once I went through them, however, I realized that I'd just taken a lot of pictures of the same things. So unfortunately, I don't have many photos to share. But I do have a few fun memes to follow them.

I had to help Eli box up some things that he'd sold online, and I always like to use paper grocery bags to wrap packages. I took one bag and was having a hard time getting it to stay open while I cut the seam, so I just ripped the whole bottom off. Later on, I was walking to the kitchen in the dark and I noticed a weird shape in the middle of the floor. I turned on the light and saw Phoebe--she had somehow opened up the bottom of the paper bag and laid down in it to sleep. Haha! Cats really do love to find things to get inside of.

When Luke and Riley stayed the night, I was getting ready to brush Riley's hair into a ponytail and Luke asked me if he could brush her hair. Riley said it was okay, so Luke sat and very gently brushed Riley's hair--it was so cute!

Yesterday, we went to their house to celebrate Riley's third birthday. Becky made the most amazing dinner--sweet and sour chicken and teriyaki chicken with rice, and hollowed out pineapples to use as bowls! I took a little of both kinds of chicken, which were delicious. I thought the pineapple was such a cute idea.

Riley loves unicorns and my dad decorated a cake with unicorns for her. Of course, she's wearing a unicorn horn for her birthday hat.

Her grandma in Minnesota sent her the cutest gift (something simple, but I'd never seen one before). It's a plastic flower garden--there are lots of different pieces that fit together so you build flowers of different colors and then stick them into the garden base. (Here is the affiliate link to it on Amazon; I looked it up just now and there is a 50% off instant coupon, so it's only $9. It's such a cute gift!)  I think Luke and I actually liked it more than Riley did; we played with it for a long time!

Well, that's all I have as far as pictures go! But I've been loving these memes lately. They're mostly puns, and you can always find them by searching for "dad joke memes", haha. These are some of my favorites...

Have a fantastic weekend! xo


  1. I can’t believe Riley is three! It seems like just yesterday Luke was born!!!

  2. Got a chuckle from the memes. ;) I can't believe that Riley is already 3 -- where has the time gone? And it's so nice to see Phoebe. She's such a pretty cat.

  3. Your dad decorated a cake? That is cool. You take the best pictures! Your cats are too funny!

  4. That meme about the avocados!! Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Hilarious memes. Thanks for the laugh —I really needed it today. It’s been a bad cancer fighting (losing) week with my husband.

  6. Hilarious memes. Thanks for the laugh —I really needed it today. It’s been a bad cancer fighting (losing) week with my husband.

  7. Thanks for the link for the flower garden. I ordered it for my 3 year old great niece.


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