February 16, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #14: DIY Stuff!

Happy Tuesday! I have a few fun DIY transformations to share today, and they are a bit long, so I'll get right to it. I have one more transformation to share next week, but after that, I'm out--so please send me some! I'll write how to submit them at the bottom of this post.

This is pretty minor, but I made a new valance for the bathroom! I loved the old fabric, but it was just a curtain panel folded in half and it hung down too long. Since I didn't want to cut it, I decided to make a new one.

I found the fabric in my stash and thought it went well. Since our house was built in 1950, we decided to embrace its mid-century vibe. I know a pink bathroom isn't for everyone, but I find it super cheery and when I get tired of it all I have to do is change the paint! (Well, and maybe make another valance!)

- Deb

My name is Shanon and I am a travel advisor in Clovis, CA. I’ve been basically unemployed since the pandemic started, so my husband and I have been working a lot around the house--some small projects, but also some really big ones. This one was started in July of 2020 and not completed until October because we did the majority of the work on our own, with a lot of help from my dad.

We have been parking our RV at my sisters house and it was a 45 minute drive one way, so we decided to remove our side yard and put in a RV parking.  

I don’t have any good before pics from the front, but this pic is what the back yard looked like after we removed the bushes on both sides of the grass. We also had to remove a large tree (you can see it over the fence), a ton of bushes, a strip of grass and the concrete pad our garbage cans are sitting on along with the walkway.  This was the hardest part! My dad has tractors and came over to help do all the heavy lifting and level the area for concrete.

- Shanon

This is the only pic I have from the front yard.  It’s not from the street so it’s hard to picture, but there is a grass area in front of the tree that goes out to the sidewalk and then the street.

This is how it looked after everything was removed and prepped for concrete.

We hired a company to pour the concrete slab after we leveled it, but my dad built our gate and the three of us installed it (me, my husband and my dad).  I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but we are so happy with how it turned out.

The back porch is shared with the other condo on the second floor, with no real separation between the two, but the space was just loaded with old furniture, including an overstuffed leather chair (very moldy) and other disgusting things. At my pleading, it was emptied and freshly painted.

I was lucky to find the blue "floor mat" at Target, at a ridiculous discount-- I think it was about $25--that set the color scheme. A week later, I found a wicker chair on Craigslist (that needed a makeover) for free--just a mile from my house.

What I did:

  • Scrape and re-paint the wicker.
  • I covered the porch floor with the Target 'mat'
  • Accessorized with things I mostly already had (the folding yellow/green metal table), the very small vintage stool (nearly free at my local thrift store and sold later that month to a client for her porch renovation), an old wooden breakfast tray (thrift store) and white metal cookie sheet (thrift store) were used to corral my plants.
  • Hung twinkle lights on the ceiling
  • I also ended up finding a blue cushion for the sofa at a discount/remnant store, which I believe was almost $30, but everything similar I looked at was much more expensive, and I CANNOT sew.

It was a very hot summer, and the porch was put to great use!

- A DIY interior designer from New England

The before and after photos of the outside of my KitchenAid stand mixer look identical! But the inside is where the transformation is! 

I saw this guy on TikTok who services KitchenAid mixers. After following him for a while I decided I could service my own. I had noticed a few signs of oil leaking. And my machine is 15 years old. 

I followed his YouTube tutorial and opened it up, cleaned it out and applied new grease!

- Rebecca - Hilo, Hawaii

Aren't these awesome? Deb, I am not usually a fan of pink, but I think that color works really well in your bathroom--I like it! I love the updated valance :)

Shanon, I can only imagine the amount of work that it took to overhaul your yard--I was facing having to level our yard for something I wanted to do, but it is just too daunting. You guys did an awesome job!

I love the thriftiness of the porch makeover--as you know, I thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do, and I love finding used items to repurpose. The porch looks great! 

And the mixer! Rebecca, I'm kind of horrified that I didn't know you are supposed to clean out/service the inside of them. I can only imagine how bad mine looks! I've had it for 18 years and even the outside of mine doesn't look half as good as your "before" photo, hahaha. I'm not even sure I'd want to open it up! 

Thank you so much for sharing your DIY projects--as you know, I love seeing the transformations of anything and everything. PLEASE keep sending them to me so that we can all see the changes in whatever it may be--haircut, weight loss, upcycled clothing or furniture, organizing a drawer or closet, etc. They are fun to see!

To submit a transformation, just send an email to me at: Katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include a description of the transformation, a before photo and an after photo (the highest resolution you have), and your name, location, and what you like to do (optional, of course!). 


  1. Oh my gosh. I have that same exact stand mixer....and I now wonder what the inside of ours looks like! My husband would love to find out, and he'd probably love to re-grease ours too! I'm going to have him look at this!

  2. Not going to lie, the stand mixer opened up gave me heart palpitations. I am NOT mechanically inclined and seeing all those parts freaks me out. But also makes me think I should find someone to service mine. I've had it 13 years.


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