February 05, 2021

Friday Night Photos #8

Well, it's now Saturday morning and I just realized I never pressed Publish last night! I had it all ready to post. Anyway...

It's Friday night! And here are some photos from my camera roll that didn't make it onto the blog for whatever reason. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Today, I was messing around with Noah's "good" camera and I was going around taking pictures of the pets. Phoebe was just not in the mood for a cute picture, so that was the best I could get from her. She's so pretty, though!

This weird looking thing is actually part of my 40 Goals by 40 Years Old List... Bury a time capsule with the family! I ordered this one from Amazon (affiliate link) and now we have to decide what to put inside. I want each of us to write letters to ourselves and we'll include some things that have been relevant recently (like face masks!). I'm not sure yet when we'll open it. I'm thinking maybe 10-15 years. 

This poor squirrel has mange. I know it's gross to look at, but I took a picture of him today to look up what is wrong with him and see if I can help. He's friendly and he still comes around for his walnuts. I'm afraid he's going to die of exposure this winter, so I looked up treatments. Apparently, I can buy something called Ivermectin and put a small dot of it on his walnuts--and three doses over three weeks should clear it up. I hope so! I'm going to buy some tomorrow. He doesn't seem like he's in distress or anything, though. (I got the info from the DNR website.)

After my walk a few days ago, I was in SO MUCH PAIN. My feet and ankles were hurting so badly, and I had no idea why--I hadn't changed out shoes or anything. But then I realized it was probably from trying to keep my balance on the SUPER slippery roads. Walking in snow usually isn't too bad... but this snow was completely packed down flat in most places and I nearly fell several times. Trying to keep my balance was a challenge and I'm lucky I didn't fall and break something. The most slippery spots were actually the parts where it looks like there isn't much snow. I had to walk on the sides of the road where the snow was deeper.

I was trying to read in bed a few nights ago, and all the pets just seemed to want to hang out with me (except Phoebe, of course--she loves me, but not the other pets). Joey was thrilled to be included ;)

Speaking of, I was so happy to wake up a couple of days ago and find Duck lying on the pillow next to me. He no longer sleeps on my head (he's way too big) but sometimes he'll drape himself across my neck or my leg.

Today, the windchill was below zero! There were wind gusts of 30-something mph and I can't even describe how cold it felt. I felt terrible for not taking Joey on his walk, but I just couldn't bear it--I walked on the treadmill instead. However, I let Joey out back to run around in the snow. He had a blast!

I have no idea why, but Estelle's best friend has been Jerry lately. She looks pissed off in this picture (she always looks like that) but she sleeps with him during the day and she sits on his lap when he's on the couch. She used to be like that with me until we got the kittens!

I got a package in the mail yesterday--my corduroy coat!--and the cats were all fascinated with the box. They always love boxes, but I think that because this one was on the table, it was "special" for some reason. They all took their turns sitting in it, feeling very cool. Duck was cracking me up how he just sat stone still, staring at us. 

Eli went for a walk with me and when we got home, he noticed a bald eagle in the tree right in front of our house. I've been seeing a lot of them around here lately. They don't look like anything special in photos, but they are MASSIVE in person. This one was all the way at the top of the tree (I used Noah's camera to zoom in). I tried to get a picture of it flying away, but I was too slow.

We gave the game Catan another try today. Noah was at work, but Jerry, Eli, and I played. I thought it might be easier with just three people, but I am so terrible at that game! It's not fun for me. It's like playing Monopoly and everyone else has hotels on all the good stuff; meanwhile, I'm holding Baltic Ave and a couple of railroads--haha! In Catan, I just never get the cards I need to build things.

Here is a picture of Big Mama  (that's what we call her--she's been pregnant a couple of times). I couldn't believe she was willing to sit out in the freezing cold and wind today to eat her walnuts. In the winter, I like to give the squirrels walnuts without the shells so they don't have to work so hard to eat. They fatten up to stay warm, and then I give them the nuts with shells in the warmer months--they like to bury those ones :) 


  1. What fun photos. I hope that squirrel gets better. You'll have to update us how it goes with the medicated walnuts.

  2. I laughed at how Estelle looks pissed off....both our female cats tend to have "resting b*tch face" in most of their photos ;)

  3. Poor little squilla! 💗Hope the Ivermectin works. We get dogs with mange coming into the shelter fairly often. With demodex, we try to de-stress the dogs and give them medicated baths to help with the itching and their immune systems usually take care of the rest. With sarcoptic mange (autocorrect keeps trying to make it sarcastic mange!), we have to isolate the dogs and then gown and glove to give them special baths and dips and they get oral meds too.

    Love the "board meeting" on the bed. 😹 Glad that Phoebe is coming around and being a bit more friendly, even if she just sent in her proxy to the meeting. I think it's nice that Estelle has "found" Jerry -- I don't recall him having a special animal in the past, unless it was Chandler (of course, I don't trust my memory these days). The picture of Duck in the box is hilarious! (Truth be told, my mind went to a particular SNL skit that was similar in name. I blame too many years teaching mostly teenage boys -- we become what we teach.)

    And I'm pretty jealous of those of you who find eagles hanging out in your trees. We do have a neighborhood Red Tail Hawk, but I've only spotted her in my big Liquid Amber once and for a short period of time.

    Hope you all are having a great weekend!

  4. Such sweet squirrels!!

    Growing up we had a really steep, to the point of inaccessible in snow, driveway. We would keep yak tracks in the car when we'd have to walk up because we couldn't get the car up the ice. Have you tried anything like that for walking? Just hoping something might be able to help. I'm terrified of falling on ice and getting hurt!!


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