February 06, 2021

My Coats Arrived!

Bear with me, because this post is about my winter coats... again. I know I already wrote the story, but it has an ending now and I'll just recap.

I outgrew my winter coats a couple of years ago when I put on 45 pounds, so I finally decided that it's time to buy a new one that will actually fit me. I had an orange American Eagle ski jacket that I bought secondhand (I think it was at a thrift store) and I LOVED it. Orange is my favorite color and the coat was super warm, had a trillion pockets, and was very practical.

When we adopted Joey, he had anxiety when we would leave the house, and he chewed up a few things. One of them was my beloved orange coat. I was devastated!

Irony: I was wearing this coat the day we adopted Joey ;)

At around the same time, I found a faux fur-lined tan corduroy coat, and I loved that one just as much as the orange one. It went down to my knees, so it kept my thighs warm, and the inside was SUPER cozy. And the best part? I got it at a garage sale for crazy cheap--I believe it was $1 or $2. I remember asking the woman at the sale how much the coat was, and she looked unsure--she said it was her friend's coat and she didn't know, so "How about $1?" I couldn't have paid her fast enough! Haha.

It was a size medium, but it fit a little small. Even when I was 130 pounds, I didn't have much extra room. But I loved it and it became my new favorite winter coat. Fast forward a few years, and now I'm definitely too big for it.

Since I've been walking outside with Joey, I knew I needed a coat. I decided to try to find the orange one on eBay or something, when somebody mentioned Poshmark. I'd never heard of Poshmark, but I checked it out and I was stunned at all of the used clothing you can buy! At the time, I thought my orange coat was by Columbia, so I searched and searched through Columbia jackets trying to find the one I used to have. I found a similar one, but not the exact coat. I bought it anyway, because it was close enough.

When it arrived, I was bummed to discover that it smelled like mildew (very faint, but I couldn't NOT smell it, even after two washes). So, I returned it. I started looking for a coat again, and I happened to find my original one--that's when I saw it was American Eagle and not Columbia. That's why I wasn't able to find it before. 

I was thrilled! I immediately bought it and was so excited for it to arrive so I could quit wearing the ugly oversized boxy men's jacket I'd been wearing. I waited and waited. I ordered it on January 15th. The seller delivered it to USPS on January 19th. It was shipped with priority two-day shipping, and on January 23rd was the final notification I got.

After so many of the face masks I mailed got "lost in the mail", I was sure that my coat was lost, too. I didn't want to totally give up hope, but I NEEDED a winter coat. I browsed Poshmark again and decided to look for my corduroy one. I actually found a few of them, identical to mine! I ordered one, again very excited. A couple of days later, the seller canceled the order because she said that the coat was damaged. I couldn't believe my bad luck with coats!

I tried one more time. I picked out the same coat from another seller ($20 more expensive!) and bought it. I got a shipping confirmation a couple of days later, and then yesterday, IT ARRIVED! It is perfect.

And you want to know something funny? When the seller canceled the first order I made for this coat, Jerry felt bad for me and he found one on eBay. So he bought it! Hahaha, it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. It's a size L, so now I'll have the same coat in a M, L, and XL. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the extras. How funny, though!

Imagine my surprise today when I got a notification that a package from Poshmark was delivered. I was confused--and then I realized that it might be my orange American Eagle jacket. I was SO happy when I opened the box and saw my beloved coat inside. It was exactly what I remembered--pockets, thumbholes, a hood with elastic, and a super warm, comfy lining. And again, big enough to wear layers underneath.

So now I have my orange coat for walking Joey and my corduroy coat for when I go out and about. I'm so happy that it finally worked out! I'm actually excited to go for a walk with it :)


  1. I love the bright Orange! You mentioned Joey chewed when you first got him. We adopted a 3 year old pup and she chewed her bed one day while we were gone (it was in her crate) I was really hoping to have a dog that could roam the house while we are gone. How is Joey now when you leave? Was it something he just outgrew?

    1. It took a while, unfortunately, but he doesn't chew up anything now. I believe it was probably about two years (maybe a little longer) that we had to put him in a crate when we were gone. (Thankfully, I'm a stay-at-home mom, so he was never in there for very long). I really wanted to get rid of the crate (both for his sake and it was an eyesore!). He chewed up every bed we put in there and he even chewed through the plastic bottom and the carpet underneath! Eventually, though, we started confining him to certain parts of the house, taking out anything valuable and locking it away in a bedroom. We left him alone for very short periods, and gradually increased the time. I made sure never to get mad at him--I read somewhere that dogs have the mind equivalent to a human toddler--and I knew he was chewing out of anxiety. So, I cleaned up what he chewed and just learned what things I could leave out and what I couldn't. I also bought lots of chew toys for him, including a Kong toy that you can fill with peanut butter and little treats--keeps them busy for a LONG time. Now, I can't even remember the last time he chewed anything! Good luck with your pup!

  2. It's so cold in Michigan right now - make sure you have a warm hat too!

  3. Yay for happy coat endings! Both look fabulous on you. As my mother used to say, "Wear them in good health!" 💜

  4. I love your orange coat!! Now I want one too. Also like the other coat - you have great taste Katie. Love your blog -thank you for posting every day!


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