February 02, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #12

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with PMDD on my last blog post! I don't know that it's what I have been experiencing, but I related with a lot of what I read in the comments. I'm going to keep track very diligently for the next few months so I can talk to my OB/GYN about it if I notice a pattern. I appreciate the thoughts and advice for than you know.

Anyway, it's Transformational Tuesday! I have a few fun transformations to share this week. Thanks for sending them in! PLEASE keep them coming (see bottom of post to submit a transformation).

"Well, either it’s a midlife crisis or a pandemic crisis but I decided to dye my hair purple! I used Overtone so it’s not a permanent dye and will wash out over time (fine for me). I figure if I’m going to do it, this is the perfect time."

- Amy

I have several small transformations, but here is the first one: the living room bookshelf. I've been working from home since March, and little things that were minor annoyances before started getting on my nerves when I was faced with them all day, every day. That discomfort prompted me to tackle a few minor projects around the house.

One pretty big annoyance was the bookshelf in our living room. It had been painted aqua for a former house, but I wasn't really happy with it painted that color in the current living room. Add to that the bottom half was rendered unusable because of our rescue dog Susie.

Susie was found on the streets with heart worms. Susie has come a long way since coming to us, but she still suffers from separation anxiety. Although she's been with us for 4 years, she will still occasionally get something to chew on if she is left home alone. Susie discovered a love of books - eating them, that is! So, for a few months the shelf was empty on the bottom with the books piled in tubs in the guest room. My son helped me add doors to the bottom to protect the books. After that I painted the shelf and stained the new doors. 

I love the new look! I think it matches the rest of the room much better and brightens it up. Not to mention I can now use the whole bookshelf without worrying about Susie deciding to pick up something to chew on. Yes, that is Susie in the before picture. :)

- Deb

I bought this glider off of Craigslist 12 years ago after I had my first baby. I rocked all four of my kids in it, but with my youngest now 5 years old, I thought it might be time to get rid of it. But I just couldn't do it! We moved it TWICE, each time putting it in the basement, but I couldn't let it go.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a chair in my bedroom and started looking for something when I remembered this chair stored downstairs. I looked in to buying new cushions, but some of them were more expensive then the chair! After watching a few Youtube videos and talking to my mom, who convinced me I could re-do them, I reupholstered the old cushions. Don't look too close, my sewing skills are HORRIBLE! And, when I took the fabric off the cushions I realized the old fabric was super padded so I had to buy extra cushions to fill out the new fabric, but I like the way it turned out and it makes a great reading chair.

- Missy, Missouri

Well, I'm super impressed! Amy, the purple hair looks great on you--how fun! And you're it's a great time to try it out. Deb, I LOVE the bookshelf makeover! But I can't be the only one thinking it... I really want to see pictures of little Susie before and after you adopted her :)  Missy, I am in love with the fabric you chose for the glider. And you did a great job--it's hard to get prints like that to line up well and you made it look professional. It's awesome that you still get to hold on to your beloved chair <3 

Thank you so much for sharing, ladies! To submit a transformation for a future post, just email me a before photo and after photo, along with a description of your transformation, to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Don't forget to include your name, location, and a little snippet about yourself :)


  1. Awesome transformations! That chair looks brand new!! And I too would love to see before and after pics of Susie the dog ;) Rescue dog transformations are my favorite!! Also loving the purple hair (my fav color!)

  2. Great job on all of the transformations! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I'll have a few transformations for you soon! With the pandemic we have been making some major changes around our house.


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