February 26, 2021

Friday Night Photos #11

It's Friday night! Which means it's time to dump the past week's photos from my camera roll...

One of the items on my 40 Goals by 40 Years Old list is to try a food I've never had before. Noah bought a Dragon Fruit and I had never tasted it, so I tried some. I thought it tasted exactly like kiwi (which I love). It was $5, though, so I'll just stick with kiwi. But it was fun to try something new!

Speaking of Noah and food, he's very interested in Japanese culture and he's teaching himself Japanese. He asked for a bento box for Christmas, as well as a little rectangular pan to cook eggs--a rolled omelet?--so he's been practicing with it. He's not as sad/mad as he looks in this photo--I just can't get him to smile for anything when I take pictures!

Eli took his driver's training test today and passed, so he got his driving permit! I was nervous with Noah, but I'm actually much more nervous about Eli driving, haha. He drove home from his class where he'd taken his test. So far, so good, though!

The snow is finally melting, so I decided to drive to the State Park for my walk today. I haven't been there to walk/run in a very long time! I wasn't even 100% sure about my route--I was pretty sure that it was five miles--and thankfully, I turned out to be correct. I was cracking up at these seagulls who are all lined up at the edge of the ice. It's like I could practically hear them counting down until they all jumped in. THREE... TWO... READY... GO!

I happened to catch Duck in the middle of a yawn. Snake eyes and Jerry face!

Speaking of Duck, he's gotten very spoiled. I was brushing my hair one day (while he sat on the counter) and he watched me closely, then tried to grab the brush. I brushed it against his face and he LOVED it. Now he runs to the bathroom counter every time I go in there and waits for me to brush him. Maybe it's gross that I use my brush, but he's too cute not to give in. And now Jerry is a sucker, too ;) 

I've also gotten suckered into making forts for Chick and Duck--like this one. They love sleeping in them, but mostly they love when I poke around at the top while they are inside. They have a blast trying to catch my finger.

Speaking of Chick and Duck, I made my March book choice for the Friends Read-athon. The prompt was actually "The One with the Chick and the Duck" (Read a book with an animal in it). I got this book from Amazon First Reads. I'll write a review when I'm done with it.

I saved the best for last... Remember the squirrel I posted a photo of, the one who I noticed had mange? I felt so bad for him because it's winter and I didn't want him to die of exposure after losing all that fur. And he was SO itchy--it was hard to even get a picture of him because he wouldn't stop scratching.

Well, I bought some Ivermectin from a farmer's supply store (I read about about the Ivermectin on the DNR website). I was very nervous about giving it to him because it comes in a syringe that contains a dose meant for horses of 1,250 pounds. I used a toothpick to get a little bit of the Ivermectin, which is like a thick gel, and I put it on a walnut.

I think the first dose I gave him was TOO small, because he looked worse before he looked better. I gave him a little more the second time and then I noticed that the next time I saw him, he'd stopped scratching. Then I saw that his fur was starting to grow back and now it's almost filled in (I gave him four doses total). 

Here is a before and a current photo of him--I'm so happy to see that it worked! His fur is growing back nicely. And he stopped scratching. 

Well, I've got to get some sleep tonight.. Luke and Riley are staying the night tomorrow, and they keep us VERY busy! :)


  1. I love how you care for your squirrel friends ❤ And we use a spare toothbrush to brush the cats while we watch TV - they love it and it's kinda soothing for us, too, and gives me something to do with my hands :)

  2. It's so sweet that you cured the squirrel!

  3. We absolutely love following the lives of your adorable pets! No cats here due to allergies, so you provide so much fun. Thanks!

  4. I love the squirrel update! That's wonderful!

  5. Wow, what a difference in the squirrel. Your technique worked! Karen

  6. Glad the Ivermectin worked. Duck's "Jerry Face" is hilarious! Have fun with Luke and Riley tomorrow. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, you're a Doctor Doolittle! So awesome that you were able to help him out! He looks so much better!

  8. That's so sweet that you're taking care of your squirrels! I love it! We use Ivermectin for deworming our fainting goats :)


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