February 09, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #13: A Weight Loss Transformation!

I have a special Transformation Tuesday today--it's a longer one, so I am going to give it its own post. I am a sucker for weight loss transformations, so this was fun to see and read about! As always, what works for one person is not going to work for everyone, which is why we each have to find what works for us individually. It's nice to read about how others achieve their goals, even if we just take away small bits of advice! This is an inspiring read from Martina...

"Obviously from the pics you will see my transformation is weight loss. I’ve been chubby all my life and was considered obese throughout most of my adult life. I have been on so many yo-yo diets and fad diets throughout my life that I could have paid for my house outright if I had re-directed that money! LOL

Anyway, all kidding aside, I empathize with anyone that is struggling with their weight or their eating habits. I was a mindless snacker, an “eat because I’m bored” and just a lover of food all around. I knew I was gaining weight but just put that thought aside and kept on eating anything and everything I wanted: Fast food drive throughs while on my lunch break. Too tired to cook so fast food was the answer. Wanting something to snack on so I opened the pantry and found whatever sweetness was in there. Often times, just grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips because I could.  

Am I ashamed for doing that? Not at all, because without those habits I wouldn’t have had to learn new ones that led to my healthy life. 

At my highest I was 265 pound and I’m not a tall girl by any means.  I’m 5’0 so having that weight on my frame was not healthy at all. I could have even weighed more because I got to a point where I refused to step on the scale anymore but I didn’t refuse to stop eating non-stop so I’m sure my weight was even higher :(

Like I said, I’ve yo-yo dieted all my life. Lose a lot, gain a lot more. Same vicious cycle for years until one year I decided I had had enough. I cleaned out my pantry and fridge of the foods I had grown to love and replaced them with healthier choices. I didn’t deprive myself of anything and still had my sweets but in moderation. 

This worked for me for a while and I lost a significant amount of weight but I stalled at about 100-pounds lost. That’s when I read and read and read about a keto lifestyle. I started the keto way of life about four years ago and haven’t looked back.

I lost another 25 pounds on keto and I’d still like to lose another 15 or so I think (I’m not sure what my current weight is as I stay away from the scale and focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit). Keto for me (I know it’s not for everyone) is the only thing that is sustainable in my life to help me keep control of my weight. I am rarely hungry and I still eat delicious foods.

I no longer struggle with guilt over what I put in my mouth and I actually eat now to nourish my body rather than eating to satiate boredom. I still have to work on incorporating exercise into my life. Slowly, I am. 

Here are a few pictures of my transformation. Success is possible if you put your mind to it."


  1. You're right about different plans working for different people. I know keto is controversial but I know a few people who have lost a lot of weight,gotten off all their medication, and improved their health conditions by following a keto lifestyle. I, too, love these transformation posts! Thanks for starting them back up.

  2. Please pass on a congratulations and job well done to her. So happy she found what works for her and she is doing so good.

  3. Great post as always. Inspiring story. Thanks and congrats to her for finding a plan that works.


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