July 22, 2020

75 Hard - Day 3

I can't come up with a creative title, so this will have to do. I made it through Day 3 of 75 Hard! I feel like if I can get through a week or so, I'll have a long enough streak going that I won't even have thoughts of quitting.

That's usually how things work for me... once I have a solid streak, I don't want to break it, so I become very determined to see it through.

I've been staying super busy, which has helped to keep me on track. The last few days, I've gotten up really early in the morning--like 5:00 or 5:30! I write in my "Some Lines A Day" journal for couple of minutes, then do the 10 pages of reading for 75 Hard while drinking a quart of water--all before I get out of bed.

Then when I do get up, I immediately go for a walk (workout #1 for the day) and take a progress photo in the mirror. So, by 8:00-ish in the morning, I've already done most of the 75 Hard checklist for the day!

Today, I walked Joey this morning (he loves this new routine). It kept looking like it was going to rain, and I was hoping it would. The humidity was 98% and the rain would have felt great. Also, I could check my "rainy walk" off of my Cookies Summer Challenge checklist.

While I was out, I happened to see three rabbits fairly close to the road, spread in a triangle. They were lying down and just starting at Joey and me. It was the weirdest thing! I see rabbits all the time, but I've never seen them do that before. I wonder if they were protecting a nest or something...? I was surprised they didn't run off when we walked by.

The pictures make them look kind of far away, but they were fairly close to the road and they didn't even flinch when Joey and I stopped to watch them for a minute.

Anyway, I've just never seen rabbits do that before. It didn't end up raining during the walk, so I decided to cross off my "bridge walk" on the checklist. It wasn't a very exciting bridge, and I was hoping to hold out for a good one, but I couldn't think of another walk to check off the list. So, here is the bridge. I know, it's intimidating! ;)

Since I've been walking so much, I got shin splints--especially in my left leg, and it's really sore. I also feel pain in the spot where I had my stress fracture five years ago. I know that it's because of the slope in the road. When I walk, I always walk against traffic (which is what pedestrians are "supposed" to do). However, that means I'm always walking with my left foot on the slope. My doctor said that is likely what caused my stress fracture.

So, even though it felt totally weird, I walked on the opposite side of the road, in the direction of traffic. I felt so much relief in my leg when I did that. I'm going to have to make sure to switch it up so that I'm doing each side of the road evenly. The last thing I want is another stress fracture! I've also been rotating my shoes.

After my walk, I drank another quart of water (halfway to my goal for the day). Then I went to Lowe's and bought a bunch of 2x6 boards for the garage. Of course, I left the paper that I'd written the measurements on at home, so I didn't know how many boards to buy. I took a guess and bought 10.

When I got home, I immediately got to work cutting and installing the boards around the perimeter of the garage. When I finished, I had just eight inches of one board left! I couldn't have made a better guess as to how many boards to buy. And I drank another quart of water while I was working.

I forgot to buy wood filler to fill in the little holes from the trim nailer and the screws, so I couldn't prime and paint today. I'll have to buy some tomorrow. I am so excited to see what it looks like when it's done! But even more excited for it to just BE DONE because I want to move all the stuff in the garage back into place.

When I was done working in the garage, it was around 1:00; I decided to do my second workout for 75 Hard. Again, I was sure it was going to rain. To be safe, though, I figured I'd do part of my walk on the beach so that I could cross that one off the list. I hadn't been down to the beach in a long time, so I was shocked when I got down there and saw it was completely underwater!

Jerry and I used to walk along this beach once in a while. It wasn't huge, but there was plenty of space for us to walk in the sand for at least a half mile or so. Needless to say, I turned around and nixed that idea. Of course, as soon as I got home and took off my shoes, it started raining.

As long as I stay busy like I have been, the intermittent fasting isn't hard at all. I break my fast at dinner (an early 4:00) and then have a snack a few hours later. I haven't weighed myself, but I don't really want to for a while. I am feeling really good about this 75 Hard right now, and I feel like if I don't see the scale move downward, I'll get discouraged. I really am doing this challenge to become mentally stronger.

I know it's only been three days, but I am happy with how I'm doing with it. It's been a while since I stuck with anything for three days! Haha.


  1. Yay you! You're doin' it!

  2. I feel the same way as you about getting a streak going... finished day 2.. so far it is doable

  3. I love the idea of doing so much before you’re even out of bed : ) So helpful!

  4. Keep moving forward....the mental game is the toughest part that most people don't understand. One day at a time, one step forward at a time.

  5. Hi Katie! That 75 Hard Challenge is a good one. Like you, I feel disgusted with myself lately (guessing I've gained 50 lbs. back during the Pandemic, after hitting WW Lifetime in Nov.!), and need to do something to turn it all around.

    I wanted to mention that I too experienced shin splints earlier this year. At first I thought my second (left) knee replacement surgery (which was in June 2019) had gone bad. It hurt so badly. I even made an appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon because I was so sure I was going to have to have my knee redone. But before the (re-scheduoled for several months away, due to Covid) appointment, it occurred to me that perhaps it was shin splints. I was taking part in a Step Bet and was getting in about 13,000 steps every day. I talked to my marathon-running son who has had bouts with shin splints and he said, it is usually a sign he needs new shoes. I realized that most of my steps were inside my house (I have a walking path where I go round and round, usually 25 laps at a time (1,000 steps), and I always do it in my socks. So I found a pair of Sketchers that feel like slippers, but must give me some support, because I recently finished (and won!) another Step Bet, without knee pain. I did rest my leg for a month or so before joining another Step Bet, but perhaps a new pair of shoes for you might help? I know you're an experienced runner and KNOW when you need new shoes. But I just thought I'd mention my experience. Good luck! Take care of yourself!

    1. Usually, shoes would likely be the case! But my shoes don't have a lot of miles on them and I'm rotating three pairs. I'm absolutely sure that it's because I increased my activity SO MUCH so quickly. Shin splints are common and will go away on their own, but they're painful for a couple of weeks!

  6. This sounds like something I might like to do. Any good Facebook groups for accountability? Or would you consider starting one? The ones I found were way too hardcore and critical for me.

    1. I'm actually TERRIBLE at keeping up with Facebook--I rarely even look at it anymore. However, there is an app called Habit Share that allows you to track habits and other people to see them. Since Adam is doing it, we can see throughout the day which items we've done or haven't done and stay accountable that way. His cousin is doing it as well, so he started a group text with the three of us for accountability. If you have a friend that would be interested in doing it to, maybe something like Habit Share would work?

    2. I downloaded the 75Hard app. It helps me keep track of everything. It does cost a little bit.
      A group would be awesome though!!

  7. Hi Katie, Can you elaborate on what you mean by your left foot is always on the slope when walking against traffic? I walk many miles a day. Usually against traffic. I can't figure out how one foot is different from the other on a walk in either direction. I'm totally perplexed. Thanks!

    1. Maybe it's just Michigan roads! Haha, Michigan is infamous for having the words roads ever. Where I live, the road isn't completely flat from shoulder to shoulder. The road slopes down a little on each side (if you're walking with traffic, your right foot is down a little farther than your left; if you're walking against traffic, the left foot is down a little. (It forces your outer foot to supinate a little, putting stress just above the outside of the ankle.) I'll see if I can take a decent picture of it so you can see what I mean!

    2. Ohhhh. Thanks for replying, b/c that was a brain puzzle for me!! Yes, almost like having one leg longer/shorter than the other can cause injuries with that imbalance.
      Makes total sense!
      I'm SO grateful to live in the city, but in a neighborhood with very wide open roads so that I can get out and walk freely every day without having to worry about a mask in the heat & humidity! ( I super hate the treadmill!!)

      Two other random thoughts:

      2020 IS a mental toughness challenge!!! But, applaud you for the tenacity to take it up more notches so you'll hopefully feel a lot happier! :)

      Have you tried blue light glasses for evening hours either looking at your phone, or tv, or Kindle? They are supposed to help make a significant difference with sleep! I got a great inexpensive pair on Amazon that I can use for TV (no glasses needed) and also fit right over my readers if I'm on my phone in those last 2-3 hours before bed.

  8. I started the day after you. Thank you for getting me going. I started following you after I saw the Florida documentary. I am almost 65. I have been walking and dieting forever. But I fall off after a few days. With this I have actually stuck with it. Hope I make a week. Then build on that. Just doing one day at a time. Thank you for all you do.


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