July 19, 2020

Random Camera Roll Pics

I'm not going to write a post today. I was up super late last night with Jerry and Adam (late even for ME), and then I got up early because my body just doesn't like to sleep in. I did do a little work on the garage this morning, but I somehow hurt my knee (I don't remember doing it--I just woke up today and my left knee hurts SO bad). My knee was killing me in the garage, so I went back in the house and set up camp on the couch.

I'm feeling super restless--mentally, I want to go do something! But physically, my knee just won't cooperate. I hope that it's not serious. It's so weird that I can't remember injuring it in any way.

Anyways, I just thought it'd be fun to post some random photos that I have on my phone's camera roll. Mainly just things that I took pictures of and don't really fit in anywhere else!

I'm really in the mood to read a book today, so I'm going to spend the evening doing that.

So, here are some random pictures that are on my camera roll...

This is a sign that my friend Jessica posted (I don't know if she took the picture or not). I love the message!

While it may not be the prettiest sandwich, this is Eli's famous grilled cheese. It's simply HEAVENLY. He made this up all on his own several years ago when I was teaching him how to cook. Here is how he makes it: Add some olive oil to a skillet on medium heat, then chop an onion very fine and add it to the oil. Add lots of garlic (several cloves, minced). Turn the heat down to low and let the onions and garlic sweat so they infuse the oil.

Meanwhile, top a piece of good Italian bread with two slices of Havarti cheese and another piece of bread. Then set the sandwich down into the skillet, right on top of the onions and garlic. Increase heat just a touch to medium-low (to avoid burning the garlic) and cook low and slow until the cheese is melted, flipping over halfway through. Devour immediately. 

This is the "before" photo of a futon we have in our garage. It's just an old second-hand one that we stuck out there in the "man cave" section of the garage. All of the furniture out there is old and worn (and I'm not going to buy new furniture for our garage!) so I figured I'd at least paint some of it and make a new cover for the futon mattress. I'll post an "after" photo when I am done. I'm not painting the metal--just the wood.

This is just a picture of Jerry at work, wearing his mask. I kind of like the skull masks he bought!

An adorable picture of Luke and Riley playing in the rain :)

The only reason this is on my cameral roll is because I found it recently and sent it to my mom. This is from 2014, right when Mark was signed into hospice care and we learned we couldn't bring him to my parents' house--he was going to his nephew's house. I was super upset about it all, and my mom told Jerry and me to go out to dinner to get away.

Noah knew that I was upset about Mark, and he set up this little "nest" for me to relax when I came home. The note reads, "To, Mama! Love you hope you feel well soon! :)"  I don't remember this at all! I must have taken the picture because of how cute it was that he did that, but I don't remember it actually happening.

Jerry bought me a Bingo scratch-off ticket a few days ago, and I won $5 (the same as he paid for it, of course). When we were dating, I would go out to my car after work and sometimes there would be a bottle of Cherry 7-Up (my favorite) and a Bingo scratch-off ticket. He knew I liked to take my time scratching them off, so it was just something fun he'd do once in a while to show he was thinking of me.

Luke and Riley got ice cream from the ice cream truck for the first time while at my parents' house, and I thought it was hilarious to see the packaging vs the actual ice cream. It reminds me of my frozen Smart Ones meals, hahaha.

Adam doesn't eat meat, so when he came over yesterday for dinner, I made Chick Pea Tikka Masala. This is the third time I've made it, and it's SO SO good! I don't even love chick peas, but the sauce is insanely delicious and therefore, the chick peas are, too. Here is the recipe that I used (I skipped the cilantro).

As part of the Cookies Summer Challenge list, I signed up for a virtual race. I just have to get in 20 miles (running, walking, etc) between July 26 and August 8. I thought this would be the perfect medal to have in order to represent this 2020. (So far...)

Finally, I just found this meme funny. Mainly because it's so true! ;)

Okay, I'm off to read my book! I am turning off all distractions so that I actually spend time reading it.


  1. Good post. Enjoyed the random pictures & reading about each one.

  2. The dinner was sooooooo good


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