May 29, 2013

100 Activity PointsPlus

I woke up a sweaty mess this morning, feeling extremely fatigued, and nauseous. Flu? I hope not. I was feeling "off" all day yesterday, too. It was my stomach, mostly; I felt like I was really hungry, and if I ate, I would feel better (so I was eating all day), but nothing sounded good. I ended up using a lot of PointsPlus yesterday, which made my weight go up a little this morning (compared to yesterday).

I did REALLY well all week with my diet and the activity, and my weight was back down to 133.5 yesterday morning. Today, I was 135.

In good news, I reached my goal of earning 100 Activity PointsPlus this week!

It was VERY difficult, and I don't think I'll try that again for a long time (if ever). I reset my goal to earning 8 PointsPlus per day, which is much more realistic for me. Some days, I'll earn more, some day (like today) I'll earn less.

My other goal was to get in my Good Health Guidelines this week, and I did really well with that, too. I filled them all for every day except yesterday. That was also hard to do. I have a hard time getting in the healthy oils and the dairy servings. My goal for this week is just to stay on track with my eating, and not go over my PointsPlus for the week.

Unfortunately my stomach was feeling crappy all day today, too. Eli went through this not too long ago, where he was constantly hungry but nothing sounded good and he complained about his stomach hurting; so I probably have the same bug. I laid on the couch all day today--mentally, I wanted to go for a walk, but physically, I felt sick every time I stood up. I really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow.

I posted this on Instagram a couple of days ago, but I didn't get a chance to post it here yet. A funny story to go with this picture:

I'm deathly afraid of spiders. I hate them! I was pan-frying some pork chops when I saw this spider crawling across the microwave. The microwave is just above the stove, so it was right in front of me (and directly over the pan). I was trying to think of how to kill it--if I missed, it could fall into the pan, and I couldn't spray it with poison, because our food was right there. I snapped this picture to show Jerry when he got home from work.

Right after I took the picture, I grabbed a paper towel to try and kill it. Before I could even move, I saw it moving downward. I watched helplessly as the stupid thing dropped right into the pan of pork chops. It crawled for a second in the pan before dying a pretty miserable death. I plucked it out of the pan, but there was no way I was going to eat the pork chops after that. Jerry ended up eating them, except for the one that the spider touched.

I had another big scare that evening. Jerry and I were talking in the living room, and I handed him my phone, which was plugged into my computer. When he pulled it toward him, the cord knocked over my water bottle, right onto my laptop. And by "my" laptop, I mean the one that Microsoft is letting me borrow for a year.

I jumped up and ran to the kitchen for a towel, and dried it off. The screen shut off and I couldn't turn the computer back on. I kind of flipped out after that. I was REALLY upset that we were going to have to pay to replace this very expensive computer. I just cried on my bed while Jerry tried to figure out what to do. About an hour later, we ended up putting it in a bag of uncooked rice, which seemed to be the most popular home remedy. I'd lost hope; I was sure it was ruined.

Yesterday morning, while it was still in the bag, I pressed the power button just to see what happened--and it worked! I ended up having to reinstall a few things, but other than that, everything is back to normal. I dodged a very expensive bullet. And now I'm making sure to put the lid on my water bottle whenever I'm not drinking from it.

On Monday, I went grocery shopping for the first time since April 30th. I know I said we were going to challenge ourselves for the entire month of May, but quite honestly, I didn't think we'd make it past a week or two; and we lasted four weeks! So I went on a big grocery shopping trip Monday, but tried not to buy more than we'll use within the next week or two, so it wouldn't defeat the whole purpose of doing the challenge.

It was a fun challenge, and I think we'll do it again sometime. We had to get pretty creative with meals toward the end, but we liked the things we made, and have new meals in rotation now. We used up a lot of stuff that probably would have gone bad while just sitting in our pantry. I'd consider the challenge a success!


  1. I can't even deal with spiders!! I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find one in the bathtub.. I FREAKED out. Luckily I live in an apartment and they called pest control and had them come out that day but I'd already been to Target and sprayed the whole house with Raid. (The spider and a friend of his I found later were both dead)

    I don't know what it is about them but I can't stand just the thought of a spider. NOPE.

  2. My fairly new fitbit just fell in the bathtub full of water while I was scrubbing it The dumb thing popped right out of the holder clip. I also put it into a container of uncooked rice and I'm praying that its ok. I love that thing. But mostly I'm upset that its not counting my activity as I'm cleaning my whole house from top to bottom. Hahaha.

  3. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    I picked up some things at a supply store and once I got home, I found a GIANT wolf spider in the back of my van "shudder". To think I picked up something with that beast on it and put it in my van...I stood 10 feet away and sprayed Raid hornet spray at it. Spiders are the worst! But your story cracked me up!!! lol Mmmmmm spider for dinner......

  4. I'm sorry you've felt bad. I had what I think was the flu back in March. It started with cold symptoms and then I felt a little better, and then felt how you described, where I wanted to eat, but then I felt sick. It was awful. I'm glad you fixed the computer! The spider story is funny. I actually kind of like spiders and am fascinated by them. I have a tattoo of one.

  5. AnonymousMay 30, 2013

    Just wondering, were you talking to Jerry in the living room or "talking" to Jerry in the living room?? Ha ha

    1. LOL that is funny! I didn't even think of that

  6. I had those same symptoms this past weekend. So did my boyfriend. I think it's a stomach bug that's going around.

    I would NOT have been okay with that spider either. EEK!

  7. Sad you had to waste a pork chop. How about moving the pan out of the way next time you try to kill a spider above the stove LO L

  8. Great job hitting your Activity Points goal!

  9. LOL I'm thinking maybe you should have just moved the pan for a second? We live in the country so spiders are no big deal here ;)


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