May 12, 2013

Just a bit windy

Happy Mother's Day to all of my mom-readers!

My boys gave me handmade cards this morning. Both of them had drawn running shoes on the cards, and inside was money (from Jerry, obviously) to buy new running shoes. I've been overdue for new shoes for about 50 miles now, and I've been avoiding buying them because they're so expensive. I made Jerry promise not to get me a Mother's Day gift, so he figured that he'd just make me get the shoes I need ;)

I really didn't want the kids to make me breakfast this morning (they wanted me make me a TON of food, and I just wanted my oatmeal), so I asked that they make my tea instead. Jerry helped them with the boiling water, but they thought it was a lot of fun using the tea infuser. Jerry read off all the teas to Eli, and he chose Cookie Dough. Definitely a mama's boy!

There is a local 5K race that takes place on Mother's Day each year, and I've been wanting to go for a couple of years now, but it STILL didn't work out. A lot of my friends went with their families, but Jerry worked all night, so he needed to sleep when he got home. I hope that next year we'll be able to go.

Instead, my dad called and asked if I wanted to go to church with them, since it's Mother's Day. I know it means a lot to my mom when I go, so I went. After church, I stopped at Kohl's to return that lace top. I found it very humorous to see a bunch of teenage boys in there, looking at jewelry (no doubt for a last minute Mother's Day gift!)

When I got home, I did my run outside. I haven't chosen a show yet for the treadmill, but thanks for all the suggestions! I'm going to check them out and hopefully find one that I like. I forgot to mention that The Walking Dead was one that I loved. I watched the entire series in an embarrassingly short amount of time. ;) 

It was SUPER windy today (21 mph winds, but the gusts almost knocked me over a few times). My AccuWeather app made me laugh:

"A BIT windier"? At what point is it "A LOT windier"?!

I decided to do a tempo run, and keep my heart rate in Zone 4 today. I had no idea just how hard that was going to feel! It took about 1/2 mile to get to Zone 4, and by then, I was running really hard. I had a headwind going out (of course), and the wind kept taking my breath away. I have no idea how I managed a sub-8:00 pace for my 10K in March! I just kept reminding myself that it would feel easier once I turned around, because then I'd have a tailwind.

I finally turned around after two miles, and it was definitely a little easier on my lungs (the wind blowing in my face on the way out had made it hard to breathe), but my legs felt like Jello. My heart rate was in the middle of Zone 4; I have no idea how I'll ever get to Zone 5 during my interval runs. I managed a sub-8 mile for the last mile. I was SO relieved to be done with that run!

In the afternoon, the boys wanted to go for a run again. Even though I was exhausted from my tempo run, I didn't want to tell them no, so I said sure. They wanted to run to the corner store and back (one mile exactly, round trip). And of course, they wanted to buy a treat at the corner store while we were there. I told them if it fit in their pocket, they could get one thing.

Jerry came with us, too, and I'm sure we looked pretty silly, the four of us running to the corner store. But the kids had fun, and Noah really pushed himself harder today than yesterday. Yesterday, his mile time was 13:30; today, we did most of it at 11:30 pace. When we got back to our street, I told them they could sprint home if they wanted, and Noah decided to go for it. He ran so fast that I was running my hardest to keep up with him at the end. For the last tenth of a mile, he ran a 6:00/mi pace! I felt like my legs were going to fall off.

His overall time ended up being 10:53, shaving more than 2:30 off of yesterday's mile. He was really proud of himself (after he was done gasping for breath from his sprint). I'm just glad that he's excited about running!

Stephanie sent me a few pictures from yesterday's shoot, and I LOVE them. I cannot wait to see the rest! Here is one of Jerry and me--I love this. I didn't even know she took it; Jerry was just goofing around, and I was rolling my eyes, and it turned out so cute!


  1. Katie! You are sooooo pretty! Love the photo of you and Jerry.

  2. I hope they had another not ripped lace top for you. It is so pretty. It looked like it ripped from where they stick on those "security sensors" that need Fort Knox to remove them. The photo of you and Jerry is really beautiful and sweet! I love that your boys are starting to get into running as well. Hope this week is a GREAT one for you!!

  3. AnonymousMay 12, 2013

    That is one adorable picture!! Happy Mother's Day! I'm so proud of Noah! Good for him!!

  4. merthebearMay 12, 2013

    The photo of you and Jerry is definitely one for the frame and wall. Gorgeous :)

  5. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    Happy Mothers Day Katie!!! Love the photo with you and Jerry!


  6. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    So cute picture! I am so glad your son is getting better in running and you are being such a encouracing mother to him Katie !

  7. At least the headwind wasn't the last two miles! Happy Mother's Day and congrats to your little runners. :)

  8. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    You were talking about shows to just finished season 2 and I am hooked at least. Have you watched any Revenge from ABC? Pretty good at least in my opinion.


  9. so sweet...can't wait to see the rest.

  10. That's an awesome photo!

  11. Such a cute picture!

  12. I love the picture!

  13. LOVE this picture! You're gorgeous!!

  14. Love the picture! You two are so cute :)


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