May 17, 2013

Field trip

What an exhausting day! I got up at 6:00, so it was too late to get in a short run before getting the kids ready. That wasn't really a big deal, because I just figured I'd do it this evening.

I got the kids ready for school, and myself dressed to chaperone Noah's field trip. Since I was chaperoning, I drove the kids to school instead of putting them on the bus. When I got there, his teacher told me that Noah had to ride the bus to the field trip, but I could drive separately so that we could go home when we were ready. His field trip was at Greenfield Village, about 45 minutes away.

I left the school and went right there, then I sat in the car and watched the buses coming in, so I would see when his class got there. I waited for a long time, probably about 25 minutes. My cell phone rang, and it was his teacher. Apparently, they'd been waiting for ME for about 20 minutes, and Noah was worried that I wasn't going to show up. I had misunderstood where to meet the buses. I ran from the car to where they were, and felt awful that Noah thought I wasn't coming.

So many parents had volunteered to chaperone that it was pretty much a 1:1 ratio of parents to kids. Noah and I were on our own to walk around the village, which was actually kind of nice that we could do it at our own pace. Well, we learned that neither of us enjoy learning about history ;)  We were both pretty bored, so we only stayed a couple of hours.

He loved riding the train!
On the way out, Noah wanted to see the gift shop, naturally. They had fudge samples, and we each tried a piece. Yum! I somehow got talked into buying some (it wasn't hard), and Noah chose the Cookies & Cream flavor. We each had a piece (I was surprised to see that fudge is only 3 PointsPlus per ounce!), and it tasted like the inside of an Oreo.

I may have casually mentioned that we were down the road from La Pita, and Noah really wanted to go there for lunch. This was certainly not part of my plan for food this week, but considering the circumstances, I figured it would be great to have a nice lunch with Noah.

I've only ever ordered one thing from La Pita--the chicken kabob lunch, which you've seen pictures of a thousand times on my blog. Today, I was going to try and order something lighter, so I got the chicken shawarma sandwich (chicken shawarma and pickles wrapped in a pita). I also ordered a small side of hummus for the mini pitas on the table.

I was SO hungry that I practically inhaled three pieces of pita bread with hummus. I was expecting the small hummus to be about 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup at most; but I'm pretty sure it was about 1 cup spread out on a plate:

By the time my sandwich came, I really should have just put the whole thing in a container to take home, but I cut it in half and ate half of it. I learned that I don't like chicken shawarma. The sandwich would have been awesome if it were made with plain chicken tawook, but I won't be getting shawarma again. I don't like that there is dark meat in it, and it seemed kind of oily. I was surprised how well the pickles went with the chicken and pita, though. I never would have paired those together.

Next time, I think I will order the chicken tawook sandwich (same thing, only the chicken is plain grilled chicken breast chunks). The sandwich was the perfect size (if I hadn't eaten the pitas beforehand!), and only $4.

I ordered a large container of hummus to go, because their hummus is INSANELY good. Normally, I'm not a big hummus fan, but theirs is amazing. I figured I could eat it with veggies throughout the week. I paid our bill, and we left. As soon as I got home, I realized that I forgot the hummus at La Pita! I was so bummed. The hummus was $9, so I didn't want to just let it go. I called the restaurant, explained what happened to the manager, and she offered to send me a gift card in the mail. Perfect! Now I'll have an excuse to go back soon (not that I need an excuse to go to La Pita).

When I calculated my PointsPlus for the lunch (and fudge), it ended up being 30 PP. So much for eating a lighter lunch! But I was so full that it actually ended up being my lunch and dinner. I gave Jerry the other half of the sandwich, and he loved it.

I hate feeling really full, but that's how I felt when I got home. I decided to go for my run in the afternoon, hoping it would make me feel less full. I went outside and ran five miles. Running on a full stomach wasn't the greatest idea, because I felt sluggish, but by the time I got home, I felt much better.

Looking forward to a relaxing rest day tomorrow!


  1. Glad you had a great time with kiddo!

  2. If you ever have a chance you should check out Agua Dolce in Monroe in the Big Lots strip mall. They have awesome hummus and many varieties of tea so it may be right up your alley.

  3. Great pic of you and Noah.
    Katie...I have a req to make?
    I have been trying to calculate Ww points for all I eat but as in India they dont have it, its sort of tough.
    I know you are not a dietician, but it will help if you could maybe--please write a plan for beginners?
    Just a thought.

    Also-- How many calories of dessert did you allow yourself when you were losing the weight.

    Thankyou so much.

  4. I just read your post on binge eating.
    Well I found my answer. Thanks:-)

  5. Pita, chicken and pickles - this I have to try!

  6. Hope you have a great rest day! ;)

  7. The way they serve shwarma in Abu Dhabi is with the chicken, french fries and pickle wrapped in a pita that's been spread with some whipped garlic sauce or hummus. It's delicious, but SOOOO not healthy. Our friends kept telling us that is was made with olive oil, so it was healthy. Ummm.... not so much!!

  8. I went on a few Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum field trips over the years but always had a bunch of kids to herd around!! When my daughter was older, her and I went by ourselves to the H.F. Museum and really enjoyed it.
    I was never big on history either but both my kids are so I endured many vacations planned around historical sites and museums (instead of beaches and roller coasters!) for them!


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