May 24, 2013


Today felt like Saturday. I was confused all day! But I got up and got the kids ready for school this morning, and Jerry was off work. My mom called this morning and asked if I wanted to go to a few garage sales with her, so Jerry put the kids on the bus while I went with my mom.

I totally hit the jackpot at one of the sales. From the street, I could see a super cute black and yellow dress, and it looked like it could be my size. When I checked it out, it was indeed my size, and the $80 price tag was still on it! The woman was selling it for $5, so I snatched it up.

I walked into the garage, and there were a TON of clothes on the left, all folded in organized piles (organization will get you everywhere when having a garage sale). Almost everything was American Eagle, which is my favorite brand of jeans (or clothes in general, I guess). Their jeans fit me really well (a lot of jeans are tight in the calves, because my calves are huge, but AE jeans fit me all over). I bought about 6 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of capris, 4 pairs of shorts, that dress above, a sundress, about 8 tops, and a pair of jeans for Jerry--for a grand total of $58.

Normally, $58 would seem like a lot for a garage sale, but I knew the jeans would fit, and I got SO much cute stuff! I was really excited to get home and try it all on. The first thing I tried on was the yellow and black dress. I zipped it up, admired it in the mirror for a minute, and then when I went to unzip it, it only unzipped halfway. It was completely stuck. I could zip up, but not down, and I couldn't slide the dress off unless I unzipped it.

I fought with it for a few minutes, and was starting to feel panicked and claustrophobic, so I grabbed the dress and pull the two sections apart, breaking the zipper. I know I can put a new zipper in it, so it will be worth it later, but I was bummed that the zipper was messed up. All the other clothes fit perfectly, and I was thrilled.

Jerry tried on the pair of jeans I got him (also AE brand) and they fit him really well (he's getting so skinny! They were a size 31 waist... I remember when he was a 40 waist). I told him that they had a ton more, so he should go check it out, and he did. He came home with a whole bunch of stuff. Apparently, that woman and her husband are the same size as us, and they really like AE also. Good for us!

After my shopping spree, I finally did my long run at 11:00 a.m. I never go for a run that late! But it was pretty cold outside today. I even needed to wear long sleeves and pants while running. I'm not training for anything important right now (marathon training doesn't "really" start for another couple of months, so I just decided to run a short-long run of eight miles today.

It was pretty windy, which I've come to get super annoyed with lately, but I was glad it wasn't hot outside. A couple of miles in, I actually discovered that I am capable of screaming one of those high-pitched screams from the movies. I didn't even SEE the snake until it was right at my feet, slithering around. I'm pretty sure I jumped a mile in the air and my scream was heard from here to California.

Normally, I'm not afraid of snakes; I'm much more scared of spiders! But the fact that I totally wasn't expecting to see it right at my feet scared me half to death. The rest of the run was totally uneventful.

Since it wasn't a really long run run, I didn't get anything very special for a long run treat today. Being Pizza Friday, though, we actually dined out for pizza. I invited my parents to come with us, and the six of us went to a local place. Jerry and I ordered a small fajita pizza, and it was FANTASTIC.
It had chicken, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and banana peppers on it. I ate two pieces, and was very tempted to have a third, but I always regret it when I eat three. I brought it home instead, and will probably have it for lunch tomorrow.

I did want to get some sort of dessert for my long run today, so I got a teeny tiny little ice cream cup. I haven't had this flavor since August 2009--I used to eat a few pints of it a week! I'm still too scared to buy a whole pint, but today, I got this 3.6 oz. cup.

It was very small for 8 PP, but the ice cream is just as good as I remember it being. Definitely worth it! But too dangerous to buy more than a tiny cup ;)


  1. wow!! You totally scored with all of those clothes...I really need to have more patience with yard sales. Clearly the time invested in browsing could pay off!

    Dinner looks great and those teeny tiny ice creams are so tempting!

    Have a great weekend :)


  2. I love great garage sale finds and love the chocolate peanut butter ice cream too! In fact I had to laugh because my husband called on his way home from a late meeting to ask if I wanted ice cream so I said sure, chocolate peanut butter from Baskin Robbins. Well evidently they are only selling it in the pint containers right now so he came home with that, grrr! I plan on sharing it with my family when they come over on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That is such an awesome deal on the clothes. I never find anything but crap when I go to yard sales, although I did have some luck at the good will and found 3 tops that were only $2 each.

    I stepped on a snake when running a few weeks ago. It surprised me, but I see them all the time, so I just kept going, and I was kinda worried I'd hurt him. lol

    I am much more annoyed with dogs. I've been chased by dogs so much lately, and I am getting so tired of it! None of them are ever mean (except this one little ankle biter that tried to bite me) but you never know. I had a dog today run into our yard and charge me. Luckily the dog was friendly, so I was able to call the owner, but UGH why the hell don't people leash their dogs?!

  4. Wow - you totally scored on the garage sale today!!! That dress looks really cute!
    I've almost stepped on snakes more than once - always a little freaky!
    Funny, I'm not an ice cream eater (maybe once a year) but when I do have some it is chocolate & peanut butter. I've never tried the Haagen Daz - usually I go with Baskin Robins.

  5. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    I thought you gave up peanut butter??? Or is this not really "peanut butter"??? :)

  6. That is an amazing deal for all of those clothes, especially AE! Great find.

  7. The pizza looks delicious. I love those banana peppers. I buy them by the jarful and put them on everything. Last night, I had bought some frozen Naan bread at Trader Joe's, so made us a variety of pizzas on the four pieces of Naan. One was chicken on an alfredo sauce, one was hamburger with green and red bell peppers on alfredo, another was the hamburger mixture on marinara sauce, and yet another was barbecue chicken. They all had a sprinkling of banana peppers on them. I think I liked the barbecue chicken Naan pizza best. It's fun to experiment!

  8. Charlie and I eat the crust first and save the best for last, and we both did that before we met.

  9. AnonymousMay 25, 2013

    That is awesome!! I have never, ever had good luck at thrift stores or garage sales. :( Our local Goodwill has nothing in my size - ever. You always get the best stuff from thrift stores, though - is there a secret?! :)

  10. Katie! That is so crazy about the snake because the exact same thing happened to me on my run yesterday LOL. I saw it and it was just in a straight line. I started to kick it because I thought it was fake and it moved. OMG, I screamed so loud LOL. I've never seen a snake on one of my runs before.

    Oh, and I live in California and I didn't hear your scream, hehe.

    Amy :)

  11. Uh-oh...after seeing your pic of the ice-cream, I'm gonna have to go distract myself so I don't head to the freezer! haha ;)

  12. My husband needs new clothes too. he was up to a 42ish size and now is about a 34/36. Most of his clothes just hang on him!


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