May 13, 2013

Motivational Monday #15

I was so excited that it was finally feeling like spring in Michigan, and then this morning when I woke up, it was 29 degrees outside. A cold run today! I was feeling extremely tired while running for some reason--not mentally tired, but my body felt exhausted; so I just ran three miles (in heart rate Zone 3) and called it quits. Tomorrow I'm going to do hill intervals, because I haven't done those since before my half-marathon last month.

Anyway, I was having a really great week as far as my food goes--until today. I ate 21 PP worth of peanut butter this afternoon! When I talked to Jerry about it, I decided to challenge myself to give up peanut butter again for six weeks. When I first started WW in September, I gave it up for six weeks and it worked wonders for my cravings. I really felt in control again after the six weeks were up.

I've been eating way too much peanut butter lately, and can't seem to practice portion control with it anymore, so I think giving it up for a little while will help. Starting tomorrow, I will not eat peanut butter until June 25th. Jerry is challenging himself to eat only the foods that he brings to work; he has a hard time with eating foods that his friends bring in. Giving ourselves little challenges like that seem to keep us motivated.

Speaking of motivation, this will be a short and sweet Motivational Monday post, because I didn't get many e-mails for today. But they are inspiring, none the less. Enjoy!

Stephanie has been working hard at losing weight, and she just hit a HUGE milestone of 100-pounds lost!

Carole and Kat just ran the Race for Hope for the second year in a row. In 2010, Carole was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and had her first brain surgery; in 2011, she had her second brain surgery. Last year, she decided to do the Race for Hope to support finding a cure for brain tumors instead of having (yet another) surgery. The two women walked the race together last year, and this year, they ran--improving their time by 30 minutes! They've also lost a collective 60 pounds. Carole is living with an inoperable brain tumor, but it's benign and hasn't grown at all, which is promising. Kat says that Carole has an amazing spirit!
Carole and Kat

Ivayla ran a Mother's Day 5K and improved her previous 5K time by 2 1/2 minutes, finishing in 34:25! She is signed up to run a 10K next month. This picture is with her son after the finish--he gave her a rose at the finish line :)

Rachel is on a journey to lose 220 pounds, and has lost 47 so far. Six weeks ago, she started running and could only run 15 seconds at a time. She says she's loving running now, and is up to 1:15 at a time! To reward herself for her efforts, she decided to buy a good pair of running shoes. The shoe store owner told her she was too heavy to run and should stick to walking, but she listened to her gut and has already put 10 miles on her new shoes--with plans for many more! (I have to say, shame on that store clerk! It's not his decision or his business to tell you what you what exercise is best for you. Assuming your doctor gave you the okay to run, I'm glad that you didn't let him scare you off!)

And of course, here is a snippet from the Motivational Monday Facebook post:

Remember, you can send me Motivational Monday e-mail anytime during the week--just make the subject "RfCMM" or "Motivational Monday" so that I know I have your permission to post it on the blog. Keep up the awesome work!


  1. Shame on that clerk Rachael! I personally would have not given them my money and walked right to another running store! Congrats on getting new shoes and making your running "official"!

  2. You may not have gotten a lot of MM emails, but you did get some really good ones!

  3. Wow what a dumb arse to say that to someone who is trying to start running. That clerk should be fired on the spot for being such a pompous and judgmental jerk.

    As far as the Peanut Butter attack, don't be so hard on yourself. You are still doing that "only eat what's in the house thing" right...I bet the lack of variety is what triggered it.

    Oh and maybe you can use PB2 from now on. No more regular peanut butter....get the taste without all the calories.

  4. Great job everyone! And shame on that shoe store dude. Unless he had a medical degree (and even then), I'd have told him to zip it...


  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. When I told my doctor about the shop owners comments today she was outraged on my behalf. I have 100% support from her. Unfortunately this guy is the only one in town who sells speciality shoes and I REALLY wanted to break them in over the weekend ;) When it's time for my next pair I will be making the several hour drive to a different store.

  6. I too have had to remove peanut butter from my house again. I am 11.5 pounds away from my goal weight and it's just a binge waiting to happen. I know a lot of people say you shouldn't eliminate foods but I feel like certain foods are just triggers for me and better left at the store! Rachel you deserve way better than you were treated, it's absolutely ridiculous a store owner said that to you! Good for you for ignoring his B.S.

  7. AnonymousMay 13, 2013

    I have to say that I, too, have eaten my body weight in peanut butter and chocolate together in the last couple of days, and have to eliminate chocolate again for a couple of weeks until I reign it in again. Peanut butter isn't the trigger for me...chocolate is. Blah! I am (was) so close to 100 lbs lost! Let's do this!

  8. Thank you so much for putting me on here! You are the whole reason I started this journey this means so much to me :)

  9. Peanut butter is my weakness too. I could eat PB2 powdered with a spoon. I try not to keep it in the house in large quantities, most likely because its the ingredient I can get the most creative with to make into more dangerous things.

  10. Peanut butter gives me trouble too.

    I just recently discovered your blog and I want to thank you so much for motivational Monday, all the stories are very inspiring! I hope to be able to send my own in the future! I already lost 20 lbs with WW and I have 50 more to go, and I will also run my first 5K in September :)

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  12. I don't comment often but I appreciate these successes and accomplishments that you blog about. After losing 77 lbs, I have plateud with my weight loss and it helps to read such motivating stories!

  13. I agree that even though you didn't get a ton of emails this week - the ones you did get are AMAZING! Way to go, you guys!!!

  14. Peanut butter....a gift directly from God!!! Good luck with the 6 weeks! (I don't think I could do it...or more importantly WANT to do it!!!

  15. I agree with everyone else. Shame on that store clerk. Rachel you keep it up. My training partner has lost over 150 lbs. from running. It was slow in the beginning. Be careful and listen to your body for pain and always consult someone if it's too much or last too long because it could be an injury (speak from experience). In the future, when you are smoking hot and lost a ton of weight and are running marathons WHICH YOU WILL...go back into that store and tell the clerk to stick it. I'm proud of you. It takes a lot of courage, motivation, effort and will to do what your doing. Don't stop!! There is a community out there cheering you on.


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