Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The countdown is on!

A new year.

I used to get all excited about New Year's Day, because it was like a new beginning. And I was ALWAYS starting a diet for my new year's resolution. I haven't had that resolution since 2009, and it feels really good not to think that way anymore. Instead, every day is just about making it through one more day with healthy decisions.

I didn't make any new year's resolutions this year. I am still going to be working hard at maintaining my weight, and being fit and healthy. Last year, I wrote that I wanted to work on paying off my credit card debt, and I've been doing well with that. I paid off about 25% of it (without acquiring anything new), so I'm very happy with that.

I have some exciting news! A few months ago, I was asked to participate in the Microsoft Windows Champions program. I had no idea what that was, and I thought the e-mail was just spam, but I checked into it and it was legit. Basically, Microsoft would send me a new computer to use for a year, and give me opportunities to learn about Microsoft products. In exchange, I just give my honest thoughts about everything.

In early December, I received my computer in the mail--a Microsoft Surface, which I had been seeing commercials for almost every day for a month. At first, I was excited, because it looked awesome! But when I tried to use it, I really didn't like it. It was basically just a tablet with a very flexible keyboard (which I felt was very difficult to type on). I tried to write a blog post, and it was awful.
Microsoft Surface... typing on that keyboard was NOT easy

So I wrote Microsoft, and politely told them that I just didn't feel I was right for the program, and asked if I could send it back. Instead, they offered to swap it for a different computer, one that was more of the typical laptop I was used to.

I was really unsure what to do. Trying out that Surface made me think that maybe I should start saving up for a MacBook--that's how much I disliked the Surface. But it would be a long time before I would have enough money to get one, so I decided to go ahead and see what they sent me, and decide after that.

I sent back the Surface, and yesterday, I received the new laptop--it's an Acer Aspire S7, and I was instantly in love! I was shocked at how thin and light it is compared to my old Dell.
Acer Aspire S7 (sitting on top of my old Dell Inspiron)

I was concerned I wasn't going to like it, because it has a touch screen. But apparently, most laptops are now switching to touch screens. Also, you don't have to use the touch screen for it to function; so to me, it feels just like a regular laptop (but sooo much nicer than my Dell!)  I'm going to be sad when I have to give it back, but it's restored my faith in Microsoft after the Surface issue.

Don't worry, I'm not required to bombard my blog with posts about the computer (I never would have agreed to the program if I had to do that); just if I come across something that I find worth noting, I may mention it. I'm hoping to learn to use Windows Live Writer for my blog posts--I've heard great things about it. But first, I have to get through January--I've got a ton going on this month!

(Disclosure: I am part of the Windows Champions program. I receive the use of a computer for a year and access to other products and information, but was not paid for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own). 

Speaking of a busy January, today I ran my last training run before the Ragnar Relay on Friday :)  It was just a three-mile run, and I had to do it on the treadmill because the kids are home from school. I watched half of an episode of some crime show--I don't even remember what it was called, because it was boring. But three miles flew by, and I was done!

My next run will be at the starting line in Miami on Friday morning :) 

I spent a lot of the day today getting stuff ready for the trip. Tomorrow, I will actually pack everything, and we will head to the airport early on Thursday morning. I cannot believe the time has actually come for this race--a year ago, I had no idea how big of a deal this was going to turn into.

During the race, our team is going to be posting pictures and updates on our social media sites, so if you want to follow along, please do! My username is RunsforCookies on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We're bringing a white board with us to interact also, so if you tweet us or leave a comment on the From Fat to Finish Line Facebook page, we may respond with a picture. Just something to keep us occupied while we're in the van for about 35 hours! (If you tweet, our hashtag is #FattoFinish).

That whole paragraph actually kind of cracks me up--I knew NOTHING about social media before I started this blog! But I felt like the only blogger ever to not have a Twitter or Facebook (and later Instagram), and now here I am spouting off hashtags. Haha!

I definitely plan to blog while I'm there, too. I imagine I'm going to have a lot to write about, so I may even be posting more than once a day. That's not to be annoying, but just to keep each post from getting waaay too long ;) 

Tomorrow, I'm going to do my last weigh-in at Weight Watchers before I leave for Florida. Then when I get home, I'll weigh in the following day to (hopefully) reach my Lifetime status. Terrible timing, to be on an amazing vacation the week before I have an important weigh-in, but I'm kind of glad it worked out that way. I'm not going to be uber-strict with my eating while I'm gone, but at least I'll have it in my mind that I can't gain 10 pounds if I want to reach Lifetime!

I would be very sad to come home and have gained more than a couple of pounds. I'm making it a goal to be 135 or less when I get home. I'm going to loosely keep track of my PointsPlus while I'm gone (I say loosely, because I'm not going to be bring my food scale or measuring cups, of course). This vacation will be a BIG test for me. If I can get through it without throwing in the towel, I can get through anything, I'm sure!


  1. Good luck on the race!! I'm sure you'll have a blast :)

  2. Good luck, Katie! I will be cheering you on from Texas! :D

  3. I love my Acer! I got my first one when I was a freshman in college about 8 years ago, and when that one crapped out [one too many tumbles from my lofted bed], I got another [my current] one -- it's the equivalent of the current Acer Aspire E. LOVE IT!

  4. WOW!! i can't believe it is here - I'm getting super excited!

  5. Good luck and have a ton of fun!

  6. i am soooo excited for you! love your honest product reviews, too! :-)

  7. I got my kids Acer laptops for Christmas several years ago and (knock on wood) they're still kicking! I just could not pass up the deal Best buy had at Christmas -$300!! I bet Microsoft will be working on that keyboard issue. My sisters have a similar keyboard thing for their iPads, but they are still actual keys, not those bubble thingies. Annoying! So cool you have all of these opportunities!

  8. I'm looking forward to reading your recaps :)

  9. Katie, I just love your blog. Reading it everyday really helps me. I really hope you know how much of an inspiration you are. And I hope someday I can be an inspiration to others as well.

    Good luck in the Ragnar. I'm sure your team will be awesome!

  10. Good luck with the race, and hopefully your back is fully recovered and you have no problems!

  11. I also appreciate that you post every day. I look forward to reading your inspiring stories & just wanted to say Thank You!

    Good luck in your race & have fun!

  12. I'm so excited for you!! You're going to have a blast in Florida! I look forward to extra posts to keep up with all the fun you'll be having :)

  13. I hope you won't have any problems with the race. Your running pace is very impressive!

  14. I love Live Writer and it is so easy to use - you'll never go back! :O)

  15. Im so excited for you becoming a lifetime member what an accomplishment. GO KATIE!!