October 20, 2023

Friday Night Photos #133

It's been a week and a half, but I have pretty much NO pictures for Friday Night Photos. I don't want to skip it again, though, so I'll just share what I do have...

Jerry and I were watching a show and the "kids" on it (I write that in quotes because they are in their mid-20's, but compared to Jerry and I, they are kids!) kept using the word "ick". Because of the context, I could basically tell what it meant, but I texted Eli to ask. Then another word we kept hearing was "rizz"--so I had to ask about that one, too.

That started a long conversation with Noah and Eli about slang words and what words are used a lot now. Then Jerry and I told them the slang that was popular when we were their age: "Sup?" and "my bad" and "buggin"... they make me cringe now, haha.

This is a terrible picture of Jerry, but he was expressing his excitement over the manicure I gave him. He has a horrible habit of biting his nails and it drives me crazy. Since we've been working on habits (both good and bad), I suggested that I give him a manicure--which was an example in the Atomic Habits book--to see if it would keep him from biting his nails. I should have taken a before and after picture, because his nails are looking great now! (I put a clear matte polish on them.) Now I'm just hoping that he doesn't pick at the polish and destroy his nails.

When I get done with my run each morning, I sit down with a cup of tea and work on the NY Times puzzles (Wordle and Connections) as a sort of "reward". The cats have gotten in the habit of running over to claim my lap the second I sit down. I can never just sit without cats jumping on my lap. Chick lost this race, hahaha.

I had the house to myself one night and it was a perfect fall day--it put me in the mood to watch a scary movie. So, I popped some of the popcorn I bought at the Eastern Market in Detroit. I got cozy with my new favorite blanket and watched half of a movie before the kids came home and the ambiance changed immediately from cozy, warm, and quiet to bright and loud. I invited them to watch it with me, but apparently watching B-horror movies with your mom isn't cool ;)

The following picture doesn't show much, so I'll have to take a better picture later of exactly what I did. But, I'm pretty proud of this little project! I had been wanting a particular muslin blanket for about two years, but it's expensive and I just didn't feel right spending the money on it. After paying off the house, though, I decided to get one. I bought an "imperfect" one--meaning it has a minor defect somewhere--because it was a lot cheaper. Also, I knew that the pets would be on it and it would get a defect really quickly anyway!

The blankets are all oversized, and the queen is the equivalent of a king. I almost bought a double so that it would fit out queen size bed, but then I had an idea. I bought a king size (which is 120x120) and then I (very, very carefully) cut it into pieces. From those, I was able to make two large throw blankets (60x80) and EIGHT pillowcases (for standard size pillows)! Below is one of the pillow cases (inside out).

Jerry and I both love the blanket so much that we bought another (this time keeping it as a king size) for the bed. I love love love it. (Here is a link to the site: 365 Blanket. I'm not affiliated and I don't get anything for referrals--I just like the blanket so much! The link is for the regular one; I bought a "perfectly imperfect" one, saving about $90, and I couldn't find a single flaw.)

We had a few rainy days and I remember Estelle really liking my light therapy lamp in the winter. I got it out for her and immediately, she settled herself in front of it. I think it's so funny that she's into it!

This is another project I just started late last night. I won't tell what it is going to be yet, because I have no idea how it's going to look, but I'll hopefully have it done soon

My lunch today made me think of elementary school. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off and an apple without the skin. I never peel apples, but it sounded good today--and it was delicious.

And finally, this is a graph of my morning runs--today marks a 50-day streak. I'm still only running one block (or two, most of the time, because it's only a difference of a tenth of a mile). It only takes five minutes and I love starting my day on such a positive note. It's the first thing I do in the morning. Even when I don't feel like it, I remind myself that I'll be done in five minutes--there is NO reason not to do that!

And that's all I've got. Tonight, Jerry and I are actually going out on a real date--it's been a very long time since we've done that. Our friend Paul is playing a gig and we're going to go watch his set. I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I had to say the kindness in the slang explanations was what caught me. You have raised kind humans ... what a gift to everyone.

    And I remain solidly jealous of your kitty situation. I need an act of God and a super soft throw to entice one of ours to sit on my lap :)

    Have a great weekend with conscious choices. I'm restarting this week for the nth time and working hard to eat only when hungry and even that is an eye-opener. Bought Atomic Habits based on your rec and hoping to build on some solid healthy habits.

  2. I am going to look into that blanket. My husband is always hot & I am cold. We have a comforter we pull out each year but it is tough to clean & takes a ton of room to store.

  3. And now I must have pb&j with no crust. Yum!


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