October 12, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Witness

Even though I said I was going to wait until the entire season had aired, Jerry and I watched the second episode of The Golden Bachelor yesterday. I absolutely loved the first date that Gerry chose to experience with one of the women. As opposed to the tired, over-the-top dates from The Bachelor (like a helicopter ride to a beach for dinner at sunset) they went to an old-school diner where they split a milkshake and fries. Much more my style!

(Warning: Mild spoiler of The Golden Bachelor second episode) During their conversation, Gerry used the line "don't stop believing" and then the song by Journey came over the radio in the diner. Then it turned into a whole flash mob! It was this scene that inspired my idea for Three Things Thursday today...

Three Things That I Hope To Witness Someday:

1. A Flash Mob

I am obsessed with flash mobs. They completely amaze me in just how the whole thing has to be coordinated and fall into place just right. I've seen them on TV (the one that I shared on my "jaw droppers" post was completely stunning) but I've never actually seen one in real life. And it's something that is on my secret bucket list! (I don't actually have a secret bucket list, but this would be at the very top if I did.)

I don't care whether I just witness it, participate in it, or am the subject of the surprise--it would just be so cool to experience someday.

2. A Birth

When Becky was pregnant with Luke, we went out to dinner and the subject of birth came up. Becky is a registered nurse and she said that she thinks everybody should experience seeing a birth and a death (preferably not on the same day) in their lifetime. (She said I could be there when Luke was born, but Brian wanted it to be just him and Becky. Besides, Luke was born less than an hour after she started having contractions!)

I can understand experiencing a death as well, although that isn't something to be excited about, of course. I thought I would be with Mark when he died in 2014, and even though it would have been so heartbreaking, I feel like he would have liked having me there. I would have done it for him.

As far as a birth, I feel like the emotions in the room--from leading up to the birth, the birth itself, and immediately afterward)--would be SO strong and, assuming there are no complications, a true joy to witness. If I had any desire to be a nurse, I think working in labor and delivery would be my choice.

The chances are very slim that I'll ever witness a birth, but it's a (not so secret) hope that I will one day.

Jerry got so emotional when Noah was born, the nurse thought he would pass out so she made him sit down, haha. My best friend Sarah (behind him) was there too, as were my mom and sister.

3. A Jury Trial

This isn't so much to witness, but more to experience. I'd love to sit on a jury for a big trial! Not only am I very curious about how it all works, I feel like I would make a good juror. Knowing how emotional I can be may make it seem that I wouldn't be very objective, but I think it would be quite the contrary. I've always been good at looking at things objectively and I'm a "rule follower" for the most part. If given instructions, I can follow them right to the letter.

I don't believe in capital punishment, however, so I wouldn't be able to sit on a jury for a trial where that is on the table; otherwise, the experience of listening to a crime being laid out, hearing witness testimonies, reviewing evidence, and shouldering the responsibility of paying super close attention to detail would be pretty amazing.

I've received notice of jury duty a few times, actually--when the kids were very young, I was excused (twice) because I didn't have childcare; when we went to Punta Cana, I was obviously out of the country; and then last year, I was so excited to get notice again, but received a second letter telling me I wasn't needed.

Interestingly, while I've been summoned four times, Jerry has never been summoned! Hopefully, I'll get another summons someday; if selected, I'd be happy to do it.

And there it is... three things I hope to witness (or experience) someday! Have any of you experienced any of these? Are they as awesome as I imagine?


  1. I've been called for jury duty numerous times - always for the county I was living in. (My husband received a federal jury duty summons.) When I was in grad school, I served on a civil trial where an employees was suing because of personal injury he got on the job. It was definitely interesting to experience the process. I wouldn't be opposed to serving again, but it seems like it's never a "good time".

    More recently I was summoned and then called as one of approximately 100 possible jurors (they knew they would need a large pool to get a full jury). It turns out that the case was about a father sexually abusing his daughter. It was probably going to be an unusually long trial and so quite a few jurors were excused because they had obligations that couldn't be delayed or passed to someone else. That included me, and I was very glad not to have to hear that case.

  2. I've served on jury duty in my county several times. It's 90% waiting around to see if you get picked-total boredom. At least you don't have a job, I had to sit all day on a jury, and then go get my work done at 5:00. It's nothing like what you see on TV. It was soul crushing - I served on two trials. One was a domestic abuse case, and one was a child sexual abuse case where the defendant was a mentally retarded 20 yr old. It was awful.


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