October 28, 2023

Skeletons Displays!

I love skeletons. I've always loved them, probably because I am so interested in anatomy. (I literally used to read anatomy textbooks when I was growing up, hahaha.) So, when October rolls around every year, I get SO excited to see all of the skeleton displays for Halloween! I wish people would do these year-round. How fun would that be? You could change up the display depending on what's happening that month or for each holiday.

[Side note: This just reminded me of the concrete geese that people used to put on their front porches. Was this just a local/Michigan thing? It was really popular for a few years. It was a concrete goose about knee-height, and you could buy clothes to dress it. I'm pretty sure my mom had one.]

Anyway, I was once again late in asking this year, but I asked you all for photos of displays that you've done or seen so that I could post them here. I don't have a ton of photos, but I do love seeing the creative ideas that some people have in order to come up with this stuff!






"Here is a joke: Why don't skeletons like Halloween candy? Because they don't have the stomach for it!" -Rebecca

"Meet Uncle Bill, Aunt Bernice, and baby Blake Skeleton! Last swim of the season." -Leslie



"They have an empty chair at the table for selfies." -Nancy


"School picture day in Minneapolis!" -Kari

"A funeral home in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Kind of ironic." -Kara

"Both of these are at the same house but it was hard to get them in the same shot--which is a shame since they're clearly hot for each other!" -Zalary



"Saw this one driving around Burlington." -Michelle

"This is at the local Vets Home" -Kim

"My kids did ours this year" -Vanessa

"The back of my husband’s keep. He also has a big one on the front of the winch." -Angie

"On the gulf coast, we have mermaids" -Nathalea

"One of our neighbors puts up a pretty good skeleton display and so attached are the pics below of the USS Halloween with its skeleton crew :)" -Autumn

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing these--they totally made my weekend :)  I have a post from 2021 with a TON of skeleton displays, so make sure you check that out as well! (Here is the link to the post.)

Some of these were submitted by e-mail, and the others were on Facebook. Here is the link to the Facebook post in case you wanted to comment on them.

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  1. Fun! Thanks for sharing these. I saw your request when I was sick so didn't have time to take photos of the ones around here. Maybe next year!


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