June 28, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 109

I am absolutely obsessed with these pants (in the photo). I bought them from Goodwill a while ago, but for some reason, I thought I had to hem them so they sat in my closet. But when I tried them on a few days ago to hem them, the length was perfect. And they were SO cozy!

I think the vertical lines make them flattering, probably for most people (Jerry says my butt looks great in them, haha.) I love them so much that I looked up the company online yesterday and saw that it's actually a pretty common brand called Windsor. 

These are the Boho High-Rise Flare Pants and they have at least a dozen different prints (and some solids, but I don't think those are flattering at all, even on the models). I couldn't help but other another pair (in a different print)--I had such a hard time deciding! Anyway, the fabric is super cozy and soft. These are a size medium, for reference, but they are stretchy. (I'm not an ambassador, nor do I get anything for recommending them--I just really love them!)

Today was one of those Wednesday Weigh-Ins that I was looking forward to. When I get in a good groove with eating and exercising, even if my weight doesn't change, I feel so much better about myself. That kind of contradicts the previous sentence, but my weight almost always goes down when I know I'm eating well. Exercise helps--mentally, if nothing else.

And I actually did exercise this week! I've been sticking to my plan of the run-walk method while using my "Base Building for Beginners" running plan. The plan is all about time spent running (or walking) rather than speed. It starts with three days a week, moves on to four days, and eventually goes to five days. I'm not sure I'll do it all the way through--if I get bored and want to do speed work, I can certainly change things around.

Jerry was talking today about doing a race together, and I just don't know if I want to do one. If I do, I'll have to sign up last-minute so that I don't skip out on it. Jeanie said there is a race up north when I am going to be visiting, and it's super relaxed, so I may do that with her (no time goals or anything--just a run through a new-to-me course)

Anyway, let's get to the weigh-in...

I was at 141.6 this morning, so I'm down a pound from last week--I'm good with that! I had lost just under a pound last week, too. Thankfully, I'm heading in the right direction again. I got nervous when my weight went up six or so pounds pretty quickly recently.

I managed to change a couple of habits this week, which I think was super helpful in staying on track. First, I ate dinner at the dining room table every day, even if I was by myself. I'm not sure why I feel that's important; I think it just makes me focus more on what's going on real time (i.e. eating) rather than eating with distractions.

Secondly, I didn't snack after dinner. This is HUGE for me! I started eating a late dinner (I cook dinner at around 4:00 so Jerry can take it to work with him, but then I put mine in the fridge to eat at around 8:00 or so.) Eating dinner that late makes me full enough that I don't want to eat anymore before bed. 

And finally, I didn't eat any sweets (OR peanut butter)--which is great because now I don't crave them anymore. When I eat something sweet, it takes me DAYS to stop craving more. I absolutely love dessert, but it's way too hard to eat one small dessert and then not continue to want more and more.

Noah's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I plan to make him a cake. He requested that AH-MAZING vegan chocolate cake. That cake is definitely worth every calorie (and there are a lot!) but I know if I eat even one piece, it's going to consume my mind until it's gone. And when it's gone, I'll want more desserts!

But I'm going to take this one day at a time and hopefully I'll develop a nice long streak of good habits. This week felt great! (Physically, anyway--still dealing with mental stuff, but hopefully the new habits will help.)


  1. Congrats on getting back to the habits that work for you. And yes. Those pants are awesome!

  2. Oh nice work! I always look forward to weigh-in day when I eat well. My day is Wed as well. Congratulations

  3. I feel you on the sugar! I just did 12 days sugar free and after just ONE measely day, it was SO much easier. I just had sugar again on my designated treat day (really it's supposed to be just a treat MEAL) but then I did have cravings the next day. i'm with you -- it's not worth it! I am hoping my next treat MEAL will not have sugar in it. pecans are suddenly so sweet to me (just raw nuts) because i am not eating sugar! onwards and upwards!


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