June 01, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Wasted

I'm not sure why this idea popped into my head, but I was driving a couple of days ago and I saw something (I can't remember what it was now!) that made me think "That's really overrated." I thought it would be a fun topic (three things that I think are overrated) but once I sat down to write, I couldn't really come up with ones I wanted to write about.

Jerry started suggesting things and then I realized those fit into a different sort of category: Things that are wasted on me. Things that most people really enjoy, but I just don't care much (if at all) about.

1. Traditional Romance

I have never been a romantic. I'm talking the type of romance on The Bachelor: rose petals on the bed, ten million candles scattered about, soft romance music in the background, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. Jerry, interestingly, is 100% into the romance stuff! He hates that I'm not into flowers or jewelry, because those are "easy" gifts.

I like the idea of romance, but I always tend to think practically. I would rather have a new kitchen appliance than jewelry, haha. Jerry used to buy me flowers once in a while before he finally understood that I was serious when I said I don't want flowers. They are so expensive and they just die in a couple of days anyway. I know a lot of women LOVE getting flowers; they are just wasted on me!

Our 19th wedding anniversary... which we spent at The Container Store! Sooo much more interesting than flowers or dinner ;)

2. Music

Another category where Jerry and I differ. He's obsessed with music and I hardly ever listen to it. I've actually never even been to a concert! He thinks it's crazy that I can get in the car and drive for 45 minutes before I realize that the radio isn't even on, hahaha. Jerry, Noah, and Eli all use Apple Music because they listen to all sorts of new things; when I do listen to music, I just listen to what I already have downloaded--because it's what I like. My playlist is mostly 90's music. Probably mostly cringy.

Not being into music might have something to do with how I was raised. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV or listen to non-Christian music, so I definitely don't think I was exposed to the music scene like most teens in that day ;)  I listened to a little music in the late 90's, when I was in high school--I think that's why my playlist is from that time. It's nostalgic! (I do love my podcasts, though.)

These earbuds came with my iPhone 4 in 2012. This photo is from 2017! I really didn't want to change what I was already comfortable/familiar with. I only switched from them when my iPhone 6 died and I had to get a new one.

3. Technology

I really wish I could embrace new technology; 15 years ago, I swore I was going to be one of those parents that keeps up with modern times, but I find that the older I get, the further from the truth that gets. It feels like just when we get used to some sort of technology, it's taken away and a new or improved version takes over. (When referring to technology here, I am talking about the last 20 years or so; obviously I don't think electricity or plumbing or something like that is overrated.)

In my lifetime, we went from collections of VHS tapes, only to have to replace with DVD's; only to have to replace with Blu-ray; only to have to replace with downloads to stream.

I miss buying something and having it last forever--I still have the same stupid alarm clock I had in high school! Since technology is constantly improving, it seems like electronics are meant to be disposable now. I can't imagine buying a new cell phone every time a new model comes out. I hold onto things until they truly can't be used anymore (or fixed), no matter how outdated they get. I'm stubborn! I'm set in my ways.

My alarm clock that I've had probably 30 years.

Usually, after several updates and/or new models of something, I stop resisting and give it a try. Then I realize what I was missing out on all this time, haha. I resisted getting a Kindle Paperwhite for YEARS, and when I finally did, I wished I'd tried it ages ago. I think I'm just very resistant to change, even if it's something that truly improves the old way or the old version. 

I'm super old-fashioned, and it gets worse by the day, I think. I like things that are straight-forward and simple; the less bells and whistles it has, the less parts there are that can go wrong with it.  Well, except when it comes to power tools versus hand tools. I don't have the patience to do woodworking by hand! Also, most of my injuries came from hand tools--my hands have way less control than power tools do.

I do absolutely value a few modern technologies, though: 1) Google Maps. I would still be lost in New York somewhere if I didn't know how to use Google Maps. 2) Being able to Google anything, anytime with a cell phone. 3) Kindle Paperwhite. I wouldn't read, if not for the Kindle. (Here is a post that explains why I love it so much.) 4) Power tools. It's hard enough on my carpal tunnel as it is, but if I had to use only hand tools, I wouldn't be able to make anything out of wood!

Okay, well those are three things that are wasted on me. I'd love to hear some things that you think are wasted on you! Please share.


  1. champagne, beaches, massages

  2. I agree with so much of this. I am definitely NOT an early adopter!! I do like cut flowers from time to time, but Ed finds them on sale! He's the bargain king.

  3. My husband has the same alarm clock! I tried getting him a new one with a built in phone charger. But nope, he couldn't let go of the old school wood panel beauty with the most god awful alarm sound. 🥴

  4. Ok, so just yesterday I posted a picture of Rebel Wilson on facebook. It was an article that popped up on my feed and it said her outfit was over $20,000!!! And she looked ridiculous. It was frumpy and not attractive or flattering at all. And immediately my friends are like, her handbag alone costs over $10,000. I hadn't even noticed her handbag. Designer purses are wasted on me. Mine was like 20 bucks from Kohls...I refuse to spend hundreds on a purse.

  5. I still use an old school alarm clock just like the one you posted. It's so retro it even has a double alarm function! Fancy! Haha!


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