June 08, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Bringing It Back

I've gotten more and more nostalgic as the years go on, and I hate that I've gotten "set in my ways"--just as I always swore I'd never do--but I'm trying to embrace things as they are now. However, these three things are things from the past that I wish I could bring back--I miss them!

Things I wish would be "a thing" again:

1) PB Max candy bar

I debated whether or not to include this because it's so insignificant (especially considering I'm vegan now) but when I think of things from the past that I wish would make an appearance again, I can't help but think of the PB Max candy bar!

It was only around for a short time--it was introduced in 1989 and discontinued in the very early 90's. You know why it was discontinued? The Mars family DID NOT LIKE PEANUT BUTTER.

As a fat kid, I'd tried all the candy bars. The Whatchamacallit and the Butterfinger were favorites, as well as the beloved Reese's Cups. When PB Max was introduced, I was in LUST. It was very thick with peanut butter (picture the texture of the peanut butter in a Girl Scout Tagalong cookie, but a much thicker layer), a crunchy layer on top (I think it was peanuts) and covered in milk chocolate. Yes, it sounds like several other candy bars out there, but it was different--the peanut butter layer in it was SO amazing.

I loved this candy bar so much that I actually brought one to a local ice cream shop and asked if they'd make me a flurry with it, haha. Yes, I was like eight years old.

2) Catalogues

Sadly, my kids will never experience what it's like to receive the Sears catalogue around Christmastime. I remember getting so excited to look though and circle all of the things I wanted for Christmas. Now, I kind of compare it to browsing on Amazon (adding to the wish list), except it's SO easy to buy things on Amazon. Back in the day, we had to order from the catalogue--writing down the item number and sending a check by mail, then waiting weeks for it to arrive.

Yes, it's far less convenient, but I really miss browsing through catalogues. I can't remember ever buying things from it, but I know my parents did. The best part was just the excitement of seeing new items and imagining owning them ;)

3) Family dinners

I'm not sure about this, but I have a feeling that family dinners are becoming a thing of the past for a lot of families. We used to sit down as a family at the table to eat dinner (I even remember the kids asking, "May I be excused?") but sometime around the time the kids started high school and/or after school activities (and getting driver's licenses) that we started eating either solo or in pairs. It's super rare to have a family dinner these days!

I have memories from growing up where my family (four kids and my parents) would all sit around the dinner table to eat. I don't remember a lot about it--just that we would do it and it was the only real time of day that I would see everyone, especially my older siblings. We did family dinners for a long time; even after my older siblings moved out, I can remember sitting down with my parents and Nathan to eat dinner.

I do have one very specific memory at the table, though, and it's kind of funny. My dad told us to bow our heads to pray. I had the habit of glancing around when everyone had their eyes closed. I noticed Brian had his eyes open, and he tattled, "Jeanie has her eyes open!" and before anyone could react, Jeanie said, "How would you know unless your eyes were open?!" (Of all the things to remember about family dinners, haha.)

This is a terrible picture to represent family dinner, but it's not surprising that I don't really have pictures of family dinner--because how often does one take pictures of that? But this was on Thanksgiving shortly after I broke my jaw and my jaws were wired shut. My mom made the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner, while I had a pumpkin smoothie ;) (Not pictured are Jeanie, Shawn, and my mom)

This list could have been so much longer! I had about ten items and then I narrowed it down. What are some things that you wish would be a "thing" again?


  1. We still make it a point to do family dinner at least a few times per week even with busy teens. Sometimes it's a super fast family dinner, but it is nice. Sometimes it's more like family breakfast or lunch depending on when everyone is here but I'm glad we still have that habit.

  2. I'd completely forgotten about that candy bar, but I'm pretty sure I was a fan, too! We do family dinners on Sundays and Wednesdays, otherwise I just eat quickly with my kids because my husband works pretty late most days. But when I was growing up I ate dinner with my parents and sister just about every night.

  3. Family dinners were a thing for us as well. Thanks for being nostalgic. I enjoy the memories.

  4. I ordered my prom dress from a catalog, circa 1997! I believe it was Neiman Marcus :-/

  5. Do you remember when Hardee's had the Big Roast Beef?! I, too, am vegan so would not order it today, but it was my favorite as a kid!

  6. I also really loved the PB Max bars! I'm a PB fan. I can also relate to the Sears catalog. As a little girl, I was into everything with horses. I remember that there would be a small number of the Breyer realistic horse figurines, and I would pine over them and try to decide which one I would ask for for Christmas. I actually think it was kind of nice to have a limited number of choices - now on Amazon, it's easy to get stuff, but there are just so many options that you don't know which one to choose!

    I understand your desire for family dinners. That's something my husband and I value (we don't have kids) when we have the time. But when I was a kid, family dinners were a huge source of tension. I and my little sister did not like vegetables (especially me), so we would try not to have to eat them, or put some on our plates and then say we were done without eating them. My father just got over-the-top angry about this. He hated wasting food and probably that we were sort of defying him. It was not pleasant about 90% of the time.

  7. We used to have family dinner at my grandmothers house. My parents are in their 90's and we still have family dinner once a week with my parents, my sister, me, my niece and her 2 little girls. We do it from mid September till my father's bday in June.

  8. I deliver mail, and there are still plenty of catalogs! Amazon even has one, altho it might just be for toys at Christmas. To be fair, it's mostly clothes, and I don't think thrift shops have catalogs, lol.


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