June 21, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 108

I'm going to (try to) keep this on the short side. I'm working on some things for a small party we're having for Noah's graduation. We had given him a choice whether he wants to have a graduation party or money to travel after school. Noah was thrilled and chose the money, because he really didn't want to have a graduation party.

My mom is traditional and she wasn't happy that Noah wasn't going to have a party, so she said she would do one at her house. Noah requested that it be JUST family. So, we're just going to have a small brunch at my parents' house on Saturday. I've been going through pictures to try to narrow down almost 19 years' worth of photos of Noah. I have about 50,000 on my computer, so there is a LOT to go through. I'm editing them now, which will likely take the rest of the night. I just want to make a poster board of photos from throughout the years.

Anyway, on to a quick weigh-in...

I was at 142.6, which is down from 143.4 last week. My body has been hanging out roughly at this weight for a while now! I know that it's not my ideal weight because I haven't been eating ideally. (And I don't feel my best at this weight.) A couple of months ago, I was only a few pounds away from the top of my "happy" weight range. Now I'm at 7.6 pounds away. That's still not a LOT, but I should have gotten there for sure by now.

I'd really like to start working on my emotional eating. Every time I've seen a therapist, the reason I usually decide to go is because I want to figure out WHY I'm eating when I'm not hungry. Or why I just feel the need to self-medicate when I'm stressed or depressed. I didn't have a traumatic childhood that I can remember, so I'll need to really dig deep to try to figure the issue out, if there is one. 

Anyway, I think I did pretty good this week! My diet wasn't terrible. I ran twice since last week. I was hoping to run yesterday but something weird happened to my feet after my last run. I felt 100% fine during the run--no problems at all--but a couple of hours later, the heels and outer sides of my feet started hurting SO BADLY that I could barely walk.

The first thing that I thought of was that maybe I need new running shoes. When my shoes get old, the sides of my feet start to ache. When I checked the miles on my shoes, though, I've only run 150 on them. I usually get 350-400 miles out of my shoes.

My feet gradually started feeling better, and today they feel about 90% back to normal. I really hope it was just a freak thing that happened, because I've finally getting back into running (and I'm excited about it) so I'll be super bummed if this is some sort of injury. I'm thinking it's not an injury, because it's bilateral; I'm just not sure what could have caused it because I don't think I did anything differently. 

(After writing that, it just made me realize that I was also working on the 2,000-piece puzzle on the day I went for a run. It's on a high-top table, so I stand on my toes a lot. My calves were killing me for a couple of days after I first worked on the puzzle! But anyway, maybe that's what caused the problem with my feet.)

I'm going to try to go for a run tomorrow, and hope for the best as far as my feet go. For next week, I'd like to work on not snacking after dinner--at all. A "small snack" always turns into a large snack. In the fall, when I had to eat dinner so late because of cross country, I had no problem going to bed without a snack because I was full from a late dinner.

Overall, I had a good week and I'm hoping for the same next week!

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  1. I may have recommended this book before, but I've found it so helpful with the WHY of overeating. Shrink Yourself by Roger Gould https://www.amazon.com/Shrink-Yourself-Emotional-Eating-Forever/dp/0470275375/ref=asc_df_0470275375 Also, learning to be with my body sensations and thoughts helped. You know I practice meditation and learning to sit still for five minutes before I get something to eat often works. You need structure so I trust you'll find or get back to one that works for you. My weight is FINALLY starting to come back down and these tools (the book and mindfulness practice) have really helped.


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