June 15, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Timeless

When I was tying my shoes yesterday, I thought about how long I've had that particular pair. I was wearing a pair of gray Converse Chuck's and tried to imagine how many miles were on them. A LOT. Then I realized that Chuck's are never really "in" or "out" of fashion--they've been around here and there all through the decades. They're timeless. I think they'll be around forever.

It made me start thinking about other timeless things, so I decided to write three things that are timeless for Three Things Thursday: 

1. Chuck Taylor's (a.k.a. Converse sneakers)

It's no secret that I love my Chucks! It's also no secret that I'm not a fashionable person, hahaha. I am never up-to-date about what the currents trends are and what's "hot or not". Growing up so overweight, I didn't have many clothing choices and I resigned myself to being about as far as you can get from trendy. 

I've worn pretty much the same look for as long as I can remember (aside from a few short time periods where I have no idea what got into me). My ideal "look" is: blue jeans with a well-fitting hoodie, cushiony socks with Chucks, and a messy bun.

I think Chuck's are a shoe that is recognized pretty much everywhere. And when thinking of or drawing a shoe, the Chucks are pretty much the prototype that I imagine people think of. They go with all sorts of different outfits--I even bought some for Noah to wear to homecoming several years ago.

I have several pairs of Chucks--lots of different colors--and they are always a favorite.

2. Pizza

I debated whether to include this, because it's SO BROAD (when it really doesn't need to be). I think most people probably imagine a round pizza pie with hand-tossed crossed crust, topped with a tomato sauce and cheese. Plus toppings--meat, veggies, and pretty much anything imaginable has been a topping for a pizza.

Pizza is one of those foods that will be around FOREVER--it's almost as versatile as a potato! Through the years, people have tried to improve upon pizza, making thousands of crazy variations--and rather than ruin pizza altogether, it just makes it more of a staple. There is a version of pizza for everybody out there.

Pizza can be a hot midnight snack, a cold breakfast, fancy appetizer bites, easy party food, made to consider any dietary restrictions, fancy dinner food, or for eating in front of the tv on Friday night. There really isn't a "wrong" time to eat pizza ;)

This was the last non-vegan food that I ate--reuben pizza. (I eat vegan pizza all the time, though!)

3. Deck of Cards

Yes, I'm talking about a regular old 52-card (or 54 with jokers) deck of cards: diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades, black and red, ace through king.

I love playing board games, and card games are some of my favorites. Cards have been around for God-knows-how-long and the deck has stayed the same. I was curious about why there are 52 cards, and I learned a very cool fact today:

There are 52 cards to represent 52 weeks in a year. The four suits represent the four seasons (summer, winter, spring, fall) and the 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 weeks in each season.

Isn't that interesting?! Anyway, in my opinion, there is NOTHING that will ever take the place of a deck of cards. I've played my share of virtual card games, but they aren't the same as actually holding a deck of cards, shuffling it, feeling the texture and the weight of the cards as you deal them out... it can't be replaced.

And, of course, the company... unless you're playing solitaire, playing cards is such a great way to spend time with people! Whether it's Go Fish on family game night, or blackjack at the casino, or a street magician telling you to pick a card... cards are everywhere and I think they are going to stick around for a while.

And there we go... three things that I think are timeless. 

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  1. I think your blog will be timeless. Such great, fun, interesting info!!


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