February 08, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 89

Because I'm a total nerd, I wore my "I'm a Nervous Rex" shirt to my psychiatrist appointment today.

I'll get right to it: this week went nothing like I'd planned. 

Gah! I thought I was so ready to do a February challenge--something as simple as eating at the dining table for all of meals--but apparently, I was not. Funnily enough, a lot of the time I just plain forgot about sitting at the table until I was halfway done eating! That really made me realize how much of a HABIT eating is; the if, when, where, and why we eat are all habits in and of themselves. 

IF: Are we eating or are we purposely going hungry?
WHEN: Could be a certain time of day, or when your partner gets home, or when dinner is over, etc. Or even a certain time of year (holidays).
WHERE: At the table? On the couch? In bed?
WHY: Are we actually hungry? Or are we eating because ______ (fill in the blank)?

When I think of it that way, eating habits are actually really complicated--I noticed that quite a bit over the last week.

Anyway, even though I didn't do my challenge as planned, I really did make a good effort at eating healthier and cutting out (or at least down on) the snacking. And I was very happy to see that it paid off on the scale today:

I was at 149.8, which is down from last week's 153.0. Last Wednesday, I was stunned to see that number after having skipped a weigh-in. So, keeping that in mind all week, I was able to make some better choices overall.

I'd still like to work on eating at the table, so I think I might start with just one meal at a time. First will be dinner, because that is the easiest one (for me, anyway). When the family is home, I actually really love to sit down and eat together (even if the boys do finish their food before I even take a bite of mine!). I'll see how it goes this week, and then next week I may add in another meal. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how I did this week--even though I didn't do what I had challenged myself to do, I made some progress by changing up the way I'd been snacking. Rather than eating high-calorie junk, I had fruit (or nothing at all, after eating a filling dinner). I consciously drank more water, although definitely not as much as I aim for.

I'm hoping to have another good week. Once I get at least a few more days under my belt, I'll start to feel more confident. It was really nice not seeing the scale go up (yet again) this week, though!

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  1. Yay! I know it's "JUST" a number on the scale, but I also know you needed this. Good job on adjusting the habits. It's tough. Hope the shrink visit went well too.


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