February 09, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Noah!

Was there any question what I was going to write about for Three Things Thursday today? ;)

Last week, I shared a bunch of fun facts about Eli--three things from several categories--so naturally, I want to share the same about Noah. (Noah is my 18-year old and Eli is my 17-year old)

It's funny, how different the two of them are. Noah has always been great in school, very independent, extremely good with money, and his group of friends is on the large side, but pretty tight-knit. Eli has always been the most compassionate kid I know, outdoorsy, artistic, marches to the beat of his own drum (doesn't feel pressured to "fit in"), and his core friend group is smaller, but he has a lot of acquaintances.

I wish the two of them would hang out together more, but they don't have much in common. Pretty much nothing makes me happier than when I see the boys laughing together!

Here we go--same questions I asked Eli last week...

What are your three favorite TV shows?

The Office
Star Wars: The Clone Wars

What are your three favorite pastimes?

Video games
Spending time with my girlfriend

What are your three favorite foods?

Ramen ("real" Ramen, not instant Ramen)

What are your three favorite things to talk about?

Star Wars and Marvel--"nerd" stuff
Video games

What are three things that make you laugh?

My girlfriend mispronouncing things
Gen Z humor

(Noah actually texted me a video about Gen Z humor, because I just don't "get it".)

What are three things on your bucket list?

Go to Japan
Own my dream car (a Nisson Skyline R32)
Adopt a FIV-positive cat from the shelter [Noah volunteers at a cat shelter; I'll write more about this after his questions.]

What are three things you are most proud of?

Buying my own car
That I know what I want to do with my life (tune cars)
My driving skills

What are three things you like most about yourself?

[Noah didn't want to answer this one, so I'll answer for him...]

What are your favorite articles of clothing?

Cargo pants

What are your three favorite memories?

Star Wars movie marathon
Star Wars marathon Chicago
Getting Dunkin’ and walking the Freedom Trail in Boston

What are your three favorite school subjects?


What are three foods you cannot stand?

Microwaved hot dogs
[Microwaved beef hot dogs?! So specifically weird. I was curious about this, and he said it was because he used to eat them every time he went to my parents' house--and one day, he just decided how gross they are, and now he shudders to even think about it! Haha]

What are the three most memorable gifts you've received?

A keyboard (a piano-keyboard, not a computer keyboard)
My computer
Our family trip to Boston

What are your three favorite animals?
Domestic house cats

What are your three favorite things to do with your family?


I just have to comment on Noah wanting to adopt a FIV-positive cat, because until recently, this is so unlike anything I'd heard him say. He has to do volunteer hours for school, and he was able to choose whatever sort of volunteering he wanted. He was thinking he'd pick up trash or something, but his girlfriend encouraged him to volunteer at the cat shelter where she also volunteers.

Noah *really* didn't want to do that because he thinks cleaning up after cats is pretty much the grossest thing in the world. When he flipped out about cleaning up cat puke one day, I told him that he may want to re-think going into nursing. That's when he changed his mind and switched his classes from nursing to auto care at school. (He said that money was the only real reason he wanted to do nursing in the first place; so he felt good about the change to something he's interested in.)

Anyway, he agreed to try the shelter after I put a lot of pressure on him to do so. Working at the shelter over the last month or so has changed him, big time! He adores the cats (he's always loved our cats, but he's not *as* cat crazy as Jerry and I are). He said he likes playing with the ones that have FIV because they never get adopted and they always "look sad". This broke my heart! (You shouldn't put FIV-positive cats with negative cats because FIV is contagious. Technically, the chances of spreading it are very low unless the cats fight with each other, but in an ideal situation, they should be separate. At the shelter, there is a "FIV-positive room" where the cats with FIV stay.)

Anyway, Noah sends me pictures just about every day of cats that he wants to adopt (whether or not they are FIV-positive or negative). We definitely cannot adopt another cat--at least until Phoebe and Estelle have passed. (They are not at all friendly toward other cats.) I just love how much volunteering at the shelter has impacted Noah in a positive way!

Okay, so there's a little about Noah. Clearly, cars are his thing! (Which is odd, because neither Jerry nor I are into cars.) Anyway, I'm lucky to have such great kids <3


  1. My sister and I are only 14 months apart, and we look very similar so people always assumed we were super close. Where we're actually more like your boys, so completely opposite. Our interests and our group of friends, just night and day. BUT, as we became adults, and especially after she moved from Oklahoma to California, we became much closer. Like we didn't realize how much we'd miss each other when she moved away. So there's hope they'll become closer as adults ;-)

  2. It's fun to get to know the boys better. They're both fabulous. Good work, parents. Good work.

  3. I think it's awesome that Noah shares an interest with your dad--he's also a car mechanic, am I right?--and for sure, that is a vocation that will be very helpful in finding a job. Everybody needs work on their cars at some point! And knowing how to fix your own is awesome as well.


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