February 05, 2023

Light Therapy

I wish I could get out of this funk already, but lately, I am just NOT feeling my best mentally. I won't keep writing about how I feel incredibly overwhelmed or switching meds or anything anymore--it's getting redundant--but I can't think of another reason I've been feeling depressed.

Remember a couple of years ago, I bought a light therapy lamp out of sheer desperation to get rid of my depressive episode? I was SO skeptical because I usually don't go for the "natural" way of doing things. Give me meds! Hahaha. But nothing was working, so I decided to try out a "light therapy lamp", despite the fact that I didn't feel like my depression was from "seasonal affective disorder" (a type of depression that happens in the colder months, when the sun is rarely out).

Well, the joke was totally on me, because I couldn't believe how much better I felt after just using it for an hour in the morning! I felt more energetic and my mood was much lighter. (Here is the post I wrote about it, which also has a link to the lamp that I have.)

I had actually forgotten about the lamp and didn't use it at all for a long time. I just pulled it out again a few days ago, and found it really funny that Estelle is clearly feeling the "winter blues" as well. The second I turned the therapy light on, Estelle came over and planted herself right in front of it. Where she stayed for about an hour!

It doesn't give off heat or anything, so I have no idea why she was so attracted to it. It's SUPER bright, so I'm surprised she even wanted to get that close to it. *I* don't even look right at it when I turn it on! Estelle loves it, though--I put it on another time and she made herself comfy in front of it again.

Cats are hilarious how they each have their quirks. Before we got Duck and Chick, Estelle was the very quirky one--like Duck--but now, there is no comparison. Duck has more quirks than any cat I've ever seen. Still, it was funny to discover a new quirk of this old lady (she's about 14 now!)--I can't believe it.

Hopefully, I'll have more to write tomorrow. I just haven't been feeling it lately!


  1. That's so funny about Estelle . I was curious so did a quick search. Apparently cats can suffer SAD and many vets recommend it for a natural treatment to relieve some ailments. That is truly fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ed has a light lamp in his office, and Scarlet must be able to hear the "click" of the knob when he turns it on. She will come running across the house to lie down in front of it. Sure hope it helps you feel better. More hugs.

  3. As someone who lives in the upper Midwest, I can say that we've had more gray days & it has made me a bit blue. I am not someone who had been diagnosed with depression, I will say this winter has me down. My aunt found the light box helpful. She lived in VT. The lack of sunlight had an effect for sure. I hope you're feeling better soon.


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