February 10, 2023

Friday Night Photos #103

For being TWO WEEKS since my last Friday Night Photos post, you would think I'd have a ton of pictures to post today. However, I don't have many at all! It's not like we haven't really done anything--it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks--but I just forget to take pictures.

I brought Luke and Riley their Christmas gifts (it had been over a month since I last saw them!) and I completely forgot to take pictures. I gave each of them a "book" that I made from paper lunch bags. A couple people asked for more pictures of it, so I will make a tutorial with the details. (Hopefully next week.) Here is the other post I did about it, though--there are a few photos.

Both of the kids really liked going through the books, but Riley was especially fun to watch. She wanted to open every single envelope and she loved looking at the picture cards. Luke is AMAZING in that he is reading now--he's only five years old, but he was reading the book I'd made (just tidbits about himself). I assumed Becky and/or Brian would read them out loud, but Luke only needed help with about one of every 20 words.

Anyway, as for my pictures... here are the few I have:

We got this from Amazon yesterday (canned cat food) and I was so curious because Chick was *very* interested in it--like he knew what it was. He was pawing at it for the longest time, trying to open it.

Eli's Winterfest dance was last weekend. He went with his girlfriend and another couple, and I took some pictures here before they left. I love that Eli wanted to wear his Hey Dude! shoes. I wear mine pretty much everywhere. They were *freezing* in this picture.

This is the fabric that I pieced together to make a bed for the cats. I cut up a too-big coat (the faux-fur lining is super soft) and then sewed pieces together. I needed to make it a particular size rectangle for what I plan to do with it, so I was taking the tiniest scraps at the end and adding them. I *barely* had enough to make the size I needed.

I guess Jerry took this picture when I was sick... I thought it was funny because of how oddly-shaped my head looks. I had my hair up in a messy bun with the hood over it.

Estelle has been loving the light therapy lamp. I even turn it on just for her when I'm prepping breakfast or making tea or something.

This isn't the cat bed I made with the fabric; I just draped the fabric over a different bed for now, so Phoebe could try it out. She loves sitting in front of the fake fireplace in my bedroom; I turn on the electric heater for her and she loves it.

This was a quick, last-minute project when I got annoyed at the boys' towels being so sloppy in the cabinet. I would fold them and put them away, but then they'd wind up a mess again. I'm not crazy about this version of the towel holder (it was a make-up-as-you-go-along thing) and I wish I'd have made it smaller so I'd have to really squeeze the towels in there. But I may make a different version; we'll see how this one works out. Regardless, it's nice not to have a pile of towels in the cabinet.

I made dill pickle roasted chick peas for a vegan recipe review this week. Unfortunately, they didn't have any flavor... but they looked really good!

For those of you that do the Wordle, can you believe this one from yesterday?! I started with STEAM, which looked like a great guess. But I immediately realized how difficult this would be, and only because it was dependent on pure luck. It was a guessing game, and I lost in the end. It broke my streak. Ugh!

For those of you that don't do the Wordle (you should!), I had five tries to guess the Wordle, knowing it was STA_E. And I lost! I tried STARE, STALE, STAVE, STAKE, and STATE. The answer was STAGE. See? I just had to have luck on my side, and I clearly did not ;)

I shouldn't have saved this picture for last, because it looks pretty gross. But I'm currently marinating some seitan "steaks". I've been experimenting a lot with seitan recently and it's SO good. I'm curious how these will turn out.

I bought some silicone reusable bags (they zip closed, just like Ziploc bags do). I felt guilty about using plastic whenever I marinated tofu, so I got some of these. They're nice! It's just not nearly as convenient as tossing a bag in the trash when it's dirty, because you still have to wash it. Still, now I don't feel so guilty by using plastic, so it's worth it ;)

Okay, I've got a lot going on today. Noah and Eli are having their girlfriends over; we're going to order pizza and do a game night. I'm excited that the girls are up for it! I'll probably make a homemade pizza for Jerry and me, but I know Eli has missed ordering pizza on Fridays (we used to do it every week for a long time, but we stopped doing it a few years ago). I'm not sure what game we'll play, but I'm so happy I finished the dining room table and we now have seating for eight.

Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Ed just got one of those silicone bags and we're very happy with it. We need more in different sizes. Hope you had a fun game night.


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