February 16, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Jerry

Well, here we are again. Last week and the previous week for Three Things Thursday, I interviewed each of the kids (Noah and Eli) about their favorite things in several categories. Jerry said he was SO excited that it was "his turn" next week.

Hahaha, I had no intention of asking Jerry the same "favorites" questions as the kids for today's post. I told him that he's written quite a bit on here and people could probably answer these questions themselves (about Jerry)! But he was too excited, so I told him sure. These are the same questions that I asked Noah last week and Eli the week before...

What are your three favorite TV shows?

The Office
That 70's Show

What are your three favorite pastimes?

Watching TV and laughing with Katie
Disc golf
Hanging out with friends

What are your three favorite foods?


What are your three favorite things to talk about?

Star Wars and comic book movies
Professional wrestling

What are three things that make you laugh?

My jokes
Dad jokes

What are three things on your bucket list?

Buy a truck that I want and not settle for the more "responsible" decision
Travel to Europe, visit World War II sites
Add stuff to my man cave

What are three things you are most proud of?

My family
My work ethic
My weight loss

What are three things you like most about yourself?

My knowledge of Star Wars and Marvel things
Being easy-going
My sense of humor

What are your favorite articles of clothing?

My Ghostbusters hoodie
My skater shoes
My baseball caps

What are your three favorite memories?

Going to the Saturday market in Portland
Going to the Star Wars movie marathons
Doing selfie photoshoots with Katie long before cameras/phones had "selfie" mode


What are your three favorite school subjects?


What are three foods you cannot stand?

Sliced tomatoes

What are the three most memorable gifts you've received?

The Snickers bar Noah got me (there is a long story to this, not sure if Katie wrote about it or not)
A bottle of Utopias from Caitlin in Boston
Katie's boudoir photos

What are your three favorite animals?


Jerry wanted me to post a picture of him with Chandler--Chandler was his very favorite cat he's ever had.

What are your three favorite things to do with your family?

Watch a movie
Play board games

Okay, there we go. I'm pretty sure Jerry has answered all of these at some point, but he was way too excited to answer the questions for today ;)

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