April 17, 2022

New Weight Loss Comparison Photos

The other day before a run (two weeks ago now! ugh) I was trying on some black running tights when I had the idea to have Jerry take come current photos to compare to the same black outfit from January 1, 2021. Of course, I had weight loss goals for the year, so those were going to be my "before" photos. I was still over 50 pounds down from my highest weight (in 2009) but I had gained quite a bit of weight back and it was obvious.

My favorite way to see the body changes is to wear tight black clothing--very form fitting. They are totally unflattering! But it's easier to see the changes in my body that way. Today, while I was deciding what to write for my blog post, I decided to try on some of the clothes I wore last year when I got back on the wagon as far as calorie counting and running. I'm really excited at how noticeable the difference is!

Also, I'm kind of horrified that I'd gotten that much bigger. In my mind, I wasn't nearly that big. It's hard to see myself as the size I actually am (big or small)--it's frustrating! I usually have Jerry take a picture of me if we're going out somewhere so I can at least see what I really look like.

Anyway, here are some fun weight loss comparison pictures. (I had to put the watermark on them because people love to steal my comparison photos to advertise diet pills and such.)

This first one is from the first day I started losing the extra weight: May 24, 2021. I was 197 pounds. The second pic was from today at 149 pounds (as of my last weigh in).

This "before" photo was from June 1, 2021 at 189.4 pounds (versus today):

This one was from July 5, 2021 at 180 pounds (versus today):

This "before" pic was from July 7, 2021 at 180 pounds (versus today):

This "before" pic was from August 25, 2021 (at and was significant because I'd never been able to wear that shirt! I couldn't even pull it down over my chest when I first got it. I was excited to wear it. The second pic is from today, and you can see it fits even better. (I no longer have that cardigan, so unfortunately, I just have to bare my arms.)

Here is a running selfie for comparison as well... 

And finally... I hate to share these because they are embarrassing! But I love what a difference you can see in my body. The weight difference is 194 versus 149. Here goes:

Pretty crazy, right?! I'm so glad that I managed to do the work it took to get here. I'm not done, but I'm happy that if nothing else, I'm maintaining a small weight range. I'm hoping to lose about 15 more pounds.

With tomorrow being Transformation Tuesday, if you have any weight loss comparison pictures that you'd like to share, I would love to see them! And I know others would, too. So please consider it :)  (I just ask that you send the before and afters separately, unaltered/unfiltered; it's easiest for me to keep the photos uniform on my blog.)


  1. So proud of your progress! And I agree. The all-black photos really show the difference. Go you.

  2. Congrats on the loss!

  3. I don't know how you got back on the wagon! I wish I could get my discipline back and just do it. You look great, and your hard work is really paying off!

  4. Katie,
    You look amazing!!! Enjoy the progress and keep feeling better :)

  5. I needed this today. I was doing well (Down 25lbs) then I let emotions take over. My daughter was giving birth and I went to comfort. I got on the scale this morning and I am up 3lbs. I needed this for motivation to get back on track. Today I am 199lbs with a 150lb goal. Seeing you at 149 was what I needed

  6. Great job Katie! You look fantastic and should be very proud of your hard work.


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