April 09, 2022

Baseball Season

Thank you for the kind words about Phoebe on yesterday's post. I haven't even had time to really process everything; today felt like the longest day ever! So, I'm going to put off my Friday Night Photos post to tomorrow. Or maybe even just wait until next week.

Last night when I was in bed, Eli came and told me that the varsity baseball coach wanted him to play in a double header today. (Eli talked all last year about wanting to make varsity this year; well, he made varsity after he tried out, but the next day he asked the coaches if he could switch to JV because he thought it would be more fun and his friends were on JV. Haha!)

Anyway, I had zero plans of doing the baseball mom thing today, but I had no choice. We had to meet the team at 8:30 this morning--I have no idea why the coach wanted them so early because the first game wasn't until 11:00. The games were 40 minutes away and with gas being over $4 a gallon, I wasn't going to drop him off to practice, go home, and then drive back for the games. So, we drove to the fields and I completely FROZE for the next SEVEN HOURS.

I went prepared, too. I wore thermal underwear (top and bottom), jeans, two pairs of socks, a hoodie, a winter coat, a Buff, a hat, and gloves. But I was still the coldest I've ever been during a baseball game. TWO baseball games.

The first game was from 11:00-12:45, and the second game started at 1:00. The games are usually about 90 minutes--2 hours tops. I have no idea why, but they let the second game drag on until after 4:00! All of the kids were freezing and ready to be done.

I sat outside for as long as I could stand it--about halfway through the second game. By then, my feet were so painful and numb (yes, somehow they were both at the same time) that I just couldn't do it. So I went to the car to warm up and I could see the game from there.

I just got home, and I'm dying to eat something and then sit under the electric blanket all evening.

This is supposed to be April?! Even Michigan isn't usually this cold in April.

Here is yesterday's random fact of the day...

This actually made me laugh, because it sounds like "all you have to do is..." and then lists way too many things to even remember! I shop alone. I do make a list but I rarely stick to it (if ever). I use mobile coupons. I buy generic brands (except for a few things). Still, our grocery bill kind of skyrocketed once the boys became teenagers ;)


  1. I used to love going to watch my boys play baseball. I just dressed appropriately and had all sorts of stuff in the back of my Tahoe, like lawn chairs, big blankets, and insulated winter boots. A big cup of hot coffee. I miss those days. Before you know it your kids will be moved out and long gone. Cherish the time you have with them instead of dreading it like a chore.

    1. Geez, if you can't say anything nice...

  2. 7 hours in the freezing cold? You are a great Mom. I know mine would never have done that

  3. I'm just seeing this because I usually get your emails through Bloglovin and it appears to be down. When your blog didn't come through the next day either, I just had to come here and see what was going. My goodness you win the best mom ever award for sure. Ugh. And yes. This cold is ridiculous. It finally is warming up here in central Ohio, but now it's going to rain all week. I try not to complain about the weather but ugh ugh ugh. Hugs to you. Hope you eventually warmed up.


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