April 18, 2022

A Snowy Spring

I am at a loss for words today! I've been in kind of a down mood lately--not a depressive episode, but just a general feeling of "not happy". It may have something to do with this ridiculous weather. Isn't it supposed to be spring? Look at this...

And that was in the morning. It continued to snow all afternoon, accumulating probably an inch and a half or so before it switched to rain. Each time I think the weather is going to break and it'll finally feel like spring, we get hit with snow or just really cold weather. I'm definitely glad we got our new roof (and new gutters!) before it started raining every other day, though.

I'm desperate to do some work outside. I want to work on the landscaping (the ground was literally frozen today), stain the back deck (after having Jerry power wash the house), and just generally clean up the yard and exterior of the house.

Anyway, that's the extent of my post today... hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow! I need to use my light therapy lamp; I completely forgot about it, but it was surprisingly helpful when I used it regularly.

Here is today's random fact of the day:

I was curious, so I decided to do a little experiment and spin a penny 10 times and record whether it landed on heads or tails. Well, it ended up being 50/50, starting with heads! It was almost consistently back and forth from heads to tails the entire time: H, T, H, T, H, T, H, H, T, T.

Anyway, don't forget tomorrow is Transformation Tuesday! Please please send me some transformations so I have something to post ;)  Remember, just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com and include a description of your transformation.


  1. At first glance I thought that was an oreo 🤣

  2. I'm right there with you about the weather! Similar here in Northern IN and the snow and those heavy, gray, drizzly clouds and strong wind made for a horrible, no good, very bad day!

  3. We'll ,make sure to take a before of our bathroom project, then get them to you. I'm at the mudding sheetrock stage. We're putting car siding on the bottom. I'm sick of the cold weather too! Here in Iowa the furnace just keeps running, and LP costs keep rising. I too want to get out and plant flowers and veggies. I bought 2 bags of Lilly bulbs, and one of them had all rotten bulbs. They cost so much, but I want more. I planted tulip bulbs last spring and they're up about an inch. Can't wait to see them!

  4. This weather is getting to me too. I just want to see the sun. NW Wisconsin is cold & gray too. We like being outside & I simply cannot wait.

  5. This weather has me so down in the dumps, it snowed here in Wisconsin yesterday too. I'm ready to pull my hair out! I did organize my pots and pans over the weekend! I took a pic but it's not very impressive lol. I'll still send it to you, you can decide if you want to post it!


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