April 01, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Happy Friday--and April Fools' Day! I probably share the same April Fools' Day story every year, but I still laugh about it and can't help it...

My sister, Jeanie, always liked April Fools' Day when we were kids; and when my kids were little, she thought it was fun to teach them little pranks they could pull on Jerry and me (harmless things like replacing the cream in an Oreo with toothpaste). She would usually call the kids on March 31 and remind them that it was April Fools' Day the following day.

I didn't know about this prank until after it happened... Eli was in preschool (four years old) and the class went into the cafeteria for lunch. The teacher (bless her heart!) had the kids form a line to get their food. While in line, Eli just dropped to the ground--totally limp and unresponsive. His teacher, feeling panicked, rushed over to him and kept asking if he was okay. Eli remained unresponsive. Just as she was going into full-on panic mode, Eli popped open his eyes and said, "April Fools'!"

His poor teacher was NOT amused and she explained the prank to me when I picked him up. Of course I talked to him about appropriate jokes to play, but I couldn't help laughing at his cleverness. When we played hide-and-seek at home, Eli would get way too excited while hiding and shout out, "I'm right here!" so I wondered how on earth he managed to keep a straight face like he did with his teacher. Hahaha, I have no idea where he got the idea to play the prank he did, but I love to remind him of it every year.

Anyway, here are some photos for Friday night :)

Phoebe looked SO sweet here I had to take a picture. Her favorite place to sleep is right in front of the vents because she loves the warm heat coming through. She's such a tiny cat--she only weighs 6 pounds while each of the "kittens" weighs over 12 pounds! (And yes, we still have the heat turned on, unfortunately; we actually have snow flurries happening at the moment.)

Speaking of the kittens, they are still obsessed with that dumb little tent thing I bought at the thrift store! It's so funny; I buy them fun new toys that they play with for a couple of days and then lose interest (there are a couple they still love, but most of them just collect dust). Jerry even gave me "the look" at the thrift store when I said we should get it--he *knew* they wouldn't play with it. Well, it's literally their favorite form of entertainment right now and has been for the last couple of weeks! Here is a short video clip of how they play in it (Chick is inside and Duck is on the outside).

The play so hard with the thing that it ends up rolling around the house--with or without a cat inside. When Duck was tired out, he decided to hang out inside of an Amazon box while Chick took a nap in the tent. I love how you can see Duck in the background of this picture.

Luke and Riley stayed the night at my parents' house last weekend and I brought over Luke's birthday gift. I got him a nutcracker and a bag of walnuts, hahaha. Odd gift for a five-year old, but he loves to crack walnuts when he comes over and he's mentioned a few times that he'd like to have his own nutcracker and walnuts someday.

I think I posted a photo of this mermaid tail sleep sack thing that I bought at the thrift store for Riley. I washed it, of course, and then gave it to her when Luke got his gift. She looked adorable in there! And she loved it. 

When I babysat them at their house recently and I braided Riley's hair, I looked everywhere for a barrette to hold her hair out of her face. Becky always does Riley's hair super cute, but Riley said she didn't know what a barrette was. So I bought a pack of these simple ones. She wanted to put all of the colors in at once (as I'm sure all three year olds would want) so I lined both sides of her head with them. (Clearly I took this picture after she rolled around in the sleeping bag.)

Remember the jeans I said I just *had* to buy at the thrift store even though I knew they'd be too big? I had been planning to put darts in the back of the waist to take the waist in, but it's a LOT of work and it's very tedious in order to make it look natural. I watched some YouTube videos for alternative ways to take in the waist of jeans and some suggested using elastic inside of the waistband (which didn't make sense to me because I didn't want the waist to look gathered). However, it seemed like a much easier solution, so I tried it--and it's amazing! While they're lying on the ground here you can see that the waist looks gathered, but once I put them on, they look flat--and they actually stay up without a tight belt!

I also altered the bottom hem. The jeans were too long, so I let out the original hem (just because I like how it looks) and then I shortened the length just above the original hem. So I was able to cut a couple of inches out of the length of the jeans and now they fit great :)

Below is a thrift store find as well. I went to Salvation Army a few days ago because I was desperate for a couple of pairs of running capris. I haven't had luck finding any. While I was there, I noticed this pair of Lululemon pants--for $1! They are in perfect condition. I had no idea if they'd fit, but I figured that I could at least resell them for a profit if not. They actually fit really well and are super comfy. Out of curiosity, I looked them up on the Lululemon website and they are $118 new. Crazy, right?!

Oh! And the white streak on my mirror in front of my shirt? Well, it's not actually on my mirror. After I took the picture and was changing my clothes, I realized that I'd dribbled toothpaste down the front of my shirt when I was brushing my teeth, haha. I always try to multitask while brushing my teeth and it ends like this sometimes.

This meme could not be any more true! 
This one made me laugh, too. When Jerry and I start a new season of a show, I feel like I've never seen the show before and he spends 30 minutes explaining it all to me. I prefer to watch shows that are done and over with so I don't have to try to remember everything!

And I'll end with the last couple of facts of the day. I wanted to include yesterday's because I find it so interesting! I think a lot of libraries are underutilized. I live in such a small town that I'd never heard of or imagined that libraries like this Sacramento one exist. Have any of you ever used "The Library of Things" to check out something other than books? That would be a fun way to try out different hobbies.

And here is today's random fact of the day:

That's all for now. Have a great weekend! xo


  1. The library in my town has always had free cake pan rentals which is amazing. Unfortunately, I don't think many people make their own cakes any more for special occasions but for those who do it's a great option. I borrowed the pan shaped as the number 1 many years ago for my child's first birthday.
    There are some libraries in my area where you can use a 3D printer - you just pay that covers the amount of filament you use for your print.

    1. That is so interesting about the cake pan rentals! I would love to make my own cakes for special occasions (like Jerry's birthday German chocolate cake in September). I would have loved to use different fun pans for my kids when they were little. The problem is, we tend to use them once and then never again. I never thought to donate them to a library!

  2. When I got my first house, I didn't have any art to hang on the walls. Our library lends paintings and posters! Very fun.


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